Damaraland Activities

As the earth slides towards twilight ascend the hill to a viewing platform. Before you lies a sweeping vista of Mopane woodland illuminated in the setting sun. Wait for the kudu and warthog to gather at the waterhole. Raise your sundowner drink to toast life and its opportunities, stories and blessings. From here you play the architect as you look on the fan shape of the lodge. As the day darkens it's time to return to the restaurant where a fire burns in a grate - there are stories about the local significance of this fire - and a delicious supper awaits - served with a fine selection of fresh vegetables and herbs - from your garden.
Damaraland Activities

Excursion into the Damaraland

Sundowner Walk Rate incl. VAT
Guests are invited to view the sun set over the Damaraland. The sundowner deck is situated a small walking distance form the lodge Self Guided 

Hiking Trails  Rate incl. VAT
If you want to explore the flora and fauna of the Damaraland on your own you have two different hiking trails to choose from. They are well marked and take you through the wildly romantic scenery of the Damara Mopane Lodge house mountain.
Duration: between 1 and 3 hours
Self Guided 


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