Why Customer Service Awareness in Namibia is important

Why Customer Service Awareness is important and what it means for Namibia.

Namibian Customer Service Awareness

What is Customer Service?

Recently, the Gondwana collection has hosted a competition asking fellow Namibians to send in their best customer experience stories.

The aim of this competition was to determine the current state of the general Namiban Customer Service Awareness. The competition was hosted in line with the ‘The Power of One Voice’ event to promote Customer Service Awareness in Namibia.

Overall, 59 stories were received of which we would like to present to you some that have made a great impact and shed a light on what really counts when it comes to customer service.

The author of the best customer service story was awarded a weekend for 4 at the Namib Dune Star Camp at Sossusvlei.

The winning story was sent to us by Salome, who touched our hearts with her lovely story and made us aware that customer service should be a priority to all companies, whether you are an actual customer or not.

Salome  – 05.08.2015 via email

“I nominate the Cancer Association of Namibia.

Monday the 4th August 2015, my family found out that my granny has pancreatic cancer. Though I am in the medical profession. I needed to talk to someone.

I dialed their number, a friendly voice picked up. I simply said ,”we found out my granny has cancer”. In a loving and calm voice she consoled me, reassured me and gave me guidance.

I do not know her face, but the level of professionalism and compassion truly flawed me. I say thank you dear lady from CAN you are truly an example of excellence.”

Another interesting story was sent to us by Jannie Hanekom about their experience with a flat tyre in ‘the middle of nowhere’ :

Jannie Hanekom – 07.08.2015 via email

“Tydens ons reis deur Namibië gedurende Mei vanjaar het ons deur Khorixas op pad na Twyfelfontein gery.  Dit was op die C39 in die rigting van Torrabaai.  So 22 km buite Khorixas ry ons verby ‘n advertensiebord wat lees – “One Stop Tyre Repair”, en wonder wie sal in hiérdie gramadoelas na ‘n band herstelplek kom soek.  Min was ons verbasing toe ons later dieselfde dag voor sy deur stop en kom aanklop vir hulp nadat ons ‘n papwiel opgedoen het en die spaarwiel reeds gelap was.  Dit was Saterdagmiddag en alles op die dorp sal mos gesluit wees vir besigheid, as ons dit ooit sou haal.

By nadere ondersoek blyk dit dat Eddie Tsibes, ‘n trotse Damara, ‘n splinternuwe werkswinkel daar tussen niks en nêrens vir homself, of moet ek sê vir verbygaande toeriste opgerig het.  Sy toerusting is splinternuut en van die beste.  Hulle sê nood leer bid, of moet ek sê Eddie het ‘n gaping in die mark gesien en dit gevat.  Hierdie pad het al menige slagoffers ge-eis en sien jy oral langs die pad verflenterde karkasse van ou en nuwe bande lê, waar dit deur ontnugterde motoriste gelaat is. Ek moet sê – hierdie pad is nie band-vriendelik nie.

Ek en my vrou (wat vir Eddie belowe het dat sy hom op die “map” sal plaas), sal Eddie altyd onthou as die vriendelike en hulpvaardige Namibiër met ‘n hart vir sy medemens.  Hy het ons na-ure (op sy plaas tel die tyd van die dag nie) op ‘n Saterdagmiddag gehelp, om weer kommervry verder te ry en selfs agter ons aangery tot op die dorp om seker te maak ons haal die teerpad veilig. Dankie, Eddie vir jou vriendelikheid en hulpvaardigheid.  Ons is trots op jou.

Mooi wense en lekker reis deur Namibië.  ‘n Stukkie van ‘n mens se siel bly altyd agter in Namibië.  ‘n Land van kontraste en loutere vrede.”

Margaret Friederich shared her experience with us after witnessing a tragic accident :

Margaret Friederich – 07.08.2015 via Facebook

“ It was a short while ago when an Over Lander bus over turned on a gravel road between somewhere and nowhere. Being the first on the scene we did what we could to help. 15 passengers were taken by a passing bus to hospital. The rest had to be airlifted to Windhoek.SOS Flight evacuation landed on the road and the medics were excellent in their handling of the injured. No one lost their lives in the ordeal and all tourists did get back home safely! I feel safe on our roads with the help of SOS/EMED always being a phone call away!!”

These are only a few of the many entries we have received and we thank each and every one of the participants for sending us their stories of customer service excellence. Despite the general opinions in Namibia, we have found that we as Namibians do not only value customer service when dealing with a company, but also take pride in our work and the service we deliver to others.

It is vitally important that we carry this attitude and philosophy throughout our entire country. Not only to make Namibia an even greater country to live in, but also a memorable destination for all travelers.

Namibian Customer Service

Namibian Customer Service

In light of the Customer Service Awareness Movement, Gondwana has launched their Training  Academy which will act as a training school for students who wish to learn more about the hospitality industry. In this one year program, which will consist of 7 months theory and 4 months practical at the Kalahari Farmhouse, the students will also be able, among other things, to learn the importance of customer service. More information on the Gondwana Training Academy can be found here.

Gondwana Academy

Gondwana Academy

The ‘the Power of one Voice’ event started off with a one week safari trip with key guest speaker Dave Carroll , who has reached social media fame through his customer service campaign following a bad experience with the United airline, and ended with a breakfast and a dinner event with the main focus on customer service. For more information on the ‘the Power of one Voice’ event, click here.

Dave Carroll and the power of one voice

The power of one voice

We thank our sponsors : Gondwana Collection, Namibia Tourism BoardSafari HotelsAir Namibia and Bank Windhoek

To brighten up your day, we would like to leave you with our Gondwana song, which was produced during a training workshop with Gondwana semployees across all Gondwana lodges in Namibia. The Gondwana Song


Namibian road trip impressions with Dave Carroll (Part 3)

A day to day blog about Dave and Jill Carroll and their Namibian road trip impressions along their trip through Namibia with the Professors and the Gondwana team.


After a good night’s rest and a hearty breakfast we hit the road into the early African sun, direction Etosha National Park for a full day safari.

Etosha National Park with Dave Carroll

The entire team enjoying the Safari in the Etosha National Park

We ventured all around the park and the various water holes was popular for animal viewing. We saw Black rhino, Kudu, Lions, Zebra and a very close look at Elephants.

Elephants in the Etosha National Park

Elephants in the Etosha National Park

An African trip isn’t official until you’ve had a braai (barbecue) and we did this in Halali under the trees served by Manni Goldbeck himself. Dave and Jill loved it.

Etosha Park

Dave and Jill Carroll in the Etosha Park

A few light clouds in the sky added to the magnificence of the sunset which we enjoyed from the deck overlooking thousands of Mopani trees.

Etosha Safari Lodge

Singing and dancing around the campfire at the Etosha Safari Lodge.

Dave and Jill Carroll making music

Collaboration with Dave and Jill Carroll making music together.

Gondwana Song Team

The entire team on the trip: The Professors, Jill and Dave Carroll, Manfred Werner, Manni Goldbeck and Richard Redecker

Guitars in Namibia

Showing the team how we play guitar in Namibia

down corruption shebeen

Singing in the down corruption shebeen at Etosha Safari Camp

Gondwana Song Video shoots

Some more scenes shot for the Gondwana Song Video.

Down Corruption Shebeen Etosha Safari Lodge

Nothing like ending the day with an ice cold beer in our down corruption shebeen at Etosha Safari Camp

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Dave Carroll has been invited as a speaker on customer service at the ‘The Power of one voice’ event.

Dave Carroll and the power of one voice

The power of one voice

We thank our sponsors : Gondwana Collection, Namibia Tourism Board, Safari Hotels, Air Namibia and Bank Windhoek




Namibian road trip impressions with Dave Carroll (Part 2)

A day to day blog about Dave and Jill Carroll and their Namibian road trip impressions along their trip through Namibia with the Professors and the Gondwana team.


Guitars in hand we walked down the road to the site of the newest
addition to the Gondwana Collection, The Delight.

Jamming at the Delight

Dave Carrol, Richard and The Professors shooting for the scenes for the video at ‘The Delight’

We strolled through Swakopmund, barterred at the African market, and after a video shoot on the beach we had a mouth watering cake sharing session at the oldest coffee shop. Back on the seemingly endless road we had a classic ‘hitch hiking’ shoot.

The Professors catching a ride on the Gondwana train!

The Professors catching a ride on the Gondwana train!

The Professors and Dave Carroll also had the special privilege of avery cultural once-in-a-lifetime singing and trading with a Himba and Herero tribe.

Playing music with the Himba tribes

The team having fun with the Himba tribes.

The day wouldn’t be complete without sundowners and the nearest spot we could find at sunset was a local shebeen. We even saw the cattle come home and Dave experienced a traditional donkey car ride. Today Dave also learnt how to say thank you in Afrikaans, “baie dankie”, and the way he remembered this was ‘bye-a-donkey’ which he cleverly used after his donkey car ride.

Bye - a - donkey

Bye – a – donkey

We arrived at Damara Mopane Lodge and after yet another lovely meal the musicians entertained us around the bonfire.


We arrived at Etosha Safari Lodge to a wonderful welcome by all the staff singing the Gondwana song.

Etosha Safari Lodge and Gondwana

The Etosha Safari Team singing the Gondwana song

After a delicious lunch we went on a game drive and saw the majestic Elephants at the first water hole. Plenty of Springbok, Oryx, a few Giraffes, Jackal and Ostrich were seen.

Etosha National Park

Giraffes in the Etosha National Park

At another water hole lions had killed a giraffe 3 days prior. The now pot bellied lions lazily guarded their kill and the Brownbacked Jackal where desperately tempting fate for a bite but where just too afraid to risk it. On our way back we were lucky to spot the very rare site of the Brown hyena. The Professors, Dave Carroll, Richard Redecker and the Etosha boys ensured a magical night with their entertainment around the fire. Guests joined in and we all danced and sang the night away. Manfred Werner once again captured the magical moments on camera for the making of the Gondwana video production.

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Dave Carroll has been invited as a speaker on customer service at the ‘The Power of one voice’ event. To find out more : follow the link ‘The Power of one voice’

Dave Carroll and the power of one voice

The power of one voice

We thank our sponsors : Gondwana Collection, Namibia Tourism Board, Safari Hotels, Air Namibia and Bank Windhoek.