A day to day blog about Dave and Jill Carroll and their Namibian road trip impressions along their trip through Namibia with the Professors and the Gondwana team.


After a good night’s rest and a hearty breakfast we hit the road into the early African sun, direction Etosha National Park for a full day safari.

Etosha National Park with Dave Carroll

The entire team enjoying the Safari in the Etosha National Park

We ventured all around the park and the various water holes was popular for animal viewing. We saw Black rhino, Kudu, Lions, Zebra and a very close look at Elephants.

Elephants in the Etosha National Park

Elephants in the Etosha National Park

An African trip isn’t official until you’ve had a braai (barbecue) and we did this in Halali under the trees served by Manni Goldbeck himself. Dave and Jill loved it.

Etosha Park

Dave and Jill Carroll in the Etosha Park

A few light clouds in the sky added to the magnificence of the sunset which we enjoyed from the deck overlooking thousands of Mopani trees.

Etosha Safari Lodge

Singing and dancing around the campfire at the Etosha Safari Lodge.

Dave and Jill Carroll making music

Collaboration with Dave and Jill Carroll making music together.

Gondwana Song Team

The entire team on the trip: The Professors, Jill and Dave Carroll, Manfred Werner, Manni Goldbeck and Richard Redecker

Guitars in Namibia

Showing the team how we play guitar in Namibia

down corruption shebeen

Singing in the down corruption shebeen at Etosha Safari Camp

Gondwana Song Video shoots

Some more scenes shot for the Gondwana Song Video.

Down Corruption Shebeen Etosha Safari Lodge

Nothing like ending the day with an ice cold beer in our down corruption shebeen at Etosha Safari Camp

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Dave Carroll has been invited as a speaker on customer service at the ‘The Power of one voice’ event.

Dave Carroll and the power of one voice

The power of one voice

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