“You can only be successful if you make others successful”

Why work for us?

Gondwana Collection Education & Development
We know what it takes to develop and enhance talent. That's why we look for people who want to be the best at what they do. People who enjoy doing more, and being more, and who aren't afraid to tackle a challenge head on to get the best possible results. Many of our employees started at an unskilled level and have achieved great success through personal commitment and the support of our dedicated training and education programme.

We have been working with the Dutch Senior Experts Organization (PUM) for many years in the fields of butchery, cheesemaking, baking and kitchen management, as one of our training initiatives.

Gondwana Training Academy - Advancing Management Growth


Gondwana Training Academy
Transferring skills and building confidence in our talented employees is essential for our growth as a company. We therefore strive to provide a solid platform for opportunity, training and personal advancement.Personal assessment, motivation, empowerment and individual recognition are the foundation for our staff development.



We strive to provide a platform of personal growth and opportunities to our employees. Of our most enthusiastic and successful members of management today have benefitted from this approach. Our investment into middle management is visible and we have started to reap the results. Beginning of this year we had promotions of junior managers into senior management positions.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Gondwana we view diversity in our workforce as a strategic advantage and driver of creativity and performance. We value fresh perspectives and believe this is important to ensure we keep innovating and challenging ourselves to achieve more. Gondwana is an equal opportunity employer and is proud to have been nominated most equitable employer by government in 2012.

So if you feel like we do that every day is an opportunity to enjoy what you do, to make it mean something, and to enhance your personal growth - we invite you to tell us your story. Kindly send us your CV to hradmin(at)gondwana-collection.com for a career opportunity with us.
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