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Café of the month: Kameldorn Garten, Otjiwarongo

Travellers are always in need of good grub – and more importantly, places to pull off from the main road, rest and enjoy the surroundings. This month, Kameldorn Garten in Otjiwarongo caught our attention.A favourite stop when travelling north, Kameldorn Garten has moved to Bahnhof Street, yet keeps the same great style: good food, a shady...[more]

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Did you know that most birds do not have a penis?

Ostriches are one of the few birds that have a penis, a protruding mating organ in the cloaca. Both faeces and urine is excreted from the cloaca. © Dirk Heinrich

Birds do not have penises like mammals do, most birds can only enact erectile processes at the cloaca (reproductive opening). Flightless birds, such as ostriches, waterfowl (Anatidae) and tinamou, have a retractable penis which serves as a mating organ in the cloaca.The exact number of ostriches found in Namibia is unknown. Those that do occur in...[more]

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Some fairy circles hail from John Constable’s times

Fairy circle in the vicinity of Namib Desert Lodge. (Sven-Eric Stender)

Years after the mystery of the bare circles in the grassy plains on the edge of the Namib has been lifted, biologists are still captivated. Not only can the circles grow as old as the hills but their creators now hold the world record in "ecosystem engineering". Much to the chagrin of beavers... Fairy circles, the bare patches in the...[more]

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Ringed Blue Cranes offer new insights

The Blue Cranes with the green-white coloured rings NHE and NHH were ringed as chicks, in the Etosha National Park in 2006 and 2007

The Blue Crane, critically endangered in Namibia, occurs exclusively in the Etosha National Park and the Omadhiya lakes, a series of oshanas (seasonally flooded lakes) to the north of the park. To see this rare bird, tourists often visit areas near the Chudop waterhole in the Namutoni area, Salvadora in the Halali area, and recently at Nebrownii,...[more]

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Namibian Economics to the Point

June 2017 President Hage Geingob launched a new national development plan, requiring investments of N$164 billion, including support from the private sector. The national statics agency announced that Namibia is in a continuous recession since April 2016. The world’s largest and most modern diamond vessel was unveiled at Walvis Bay. The Bank of...[more]

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Farewell Aloe land? Please not!

Gondwana’s environmental officer, Quintin Hartung, with Gunhild Voigts. She is the driving force behind the ‘Cactus Clean Up’ campaign.

When you see workers removing cacti from riverbeds in Windhoek or undeveloped, open land, know that they are providing an invaluable service. The workers are part of the voluntary ‘Cactus Clean Up’ campaign, which is now supported by the Gondwana Collection. Cacti are not indigenous plants; their natural habitat is found on the American...[more]

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Rarely seen: the wild’s effective but endangered hunters

One of the wild dogs in hot pursuit of the springbok. The hunters caught up with their prey after less than half a kilometre.

Rain is pouring down at the Naye-Naye Pan in former Bushmanland, which now is the Naye-Naye Conservancy in the Otjozondjupa Region in north-eastern Namibia. It’s the end of January (2017), the pan is brimful of water and the grassy plain to the west is green. The bush savannah beyond the plain offers hiding places for hunters and the hunted. Late...[more]

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Gondwana lodges receive TripAdvisor awards

Namib Dune Star Camp

The Delight Swakopmund, Namib Dune Star Camp, Etosha Safari Camp, Kalahari Farmhouse and Klein-Aus Vista Eagle’s Nest Chalets have each received a “Certificate of Excellence 2017” to award their dedication to providing outstanding customer service.TripAdvisor is a major travel-aid in the online world and offers travelers the opportunity to review...[more]

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The Mbunza Living Museum - Take a trip into the Kavango with the Mbunza!

A short walk – or drive – from Hakusembe River Lodge on the Okavango River takes you to a museum with a difference. The Mbunza Living Museum is an outdoor arena where visitors have a chance to learn about the fascinating traditions of the Mbunza, one of the five Kavango groups. Watch the Mbunza craft clay cattle, carve wato (dugout canoes),...[more]

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Fascinating creatures and history on the fringes of the sea of dunes

Dayne Braine is one of the tour guides who introduce visitors to the fascinating creatures of the Namib Desert and past events outside Swakopmund.

Devoid of life. That, at first glance, is the impression given by the red dunes and the adjoining white gravel plains of the Namib Desert on the doorstep of the coastal town of Swakopmund. The seasonal Swakop River, which reaches the Atlantic Ocean at Swakopmund, forms a dividing line between the town and the dunes to the south. Sand and stones,...[more]

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