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Rarely seen Risso´s dolphin saved in Lüderitz

A beached Risso´s dolphin was spotted on Tuesday this week in the Lüderitz harbour near one of the jetties. It is the first time in 31 years that this species has been seen in the bay. These dolphins have a round head like most smaller whale species but lack the lengthy snout  common to most dolphins.

On Tuesday this week (28th March 2017), just after lunch, Dr Jean Paul Roux - Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources’ marine biologist - was informed that a stranded dolphin had been spotted in Lüderitz harbour. Dr Roux was surprised to find a Risso´s dolphin (Grampus griseus) stranded in the shallow water. Risso’s is a species which is very...[more]

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Did you know? Warthogs feast on the deceased

Warthogs can be found in almost all Namibian regions, even in the isolated Namib Desert. In addition to the main roads in the central regions of the country, they are often seen looking for breaks in the fences between the commercial farms and asphalt roads, ignoring the passing vehicles. These grey animals weigh between 45 and 150 kilograms, and...[more]

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Namibian Economics to the Point - February 2017

While a few dark clouds over Namibia’s economic downturn still prevail, there are silver linings as some mining companies and the tourism industry perform well. The Finance Ministry applied fiscal brakes on spending and demands that State-owned companies make profits. Welcome rains during February helped fill several dams and farmers are...[more]

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Namibian Politics to the Point – February 2017

The President of the Republic of Namibia Dr Hage Geingob and the Queen of Ovakwanyama, Ohamba yOvakwanyama Nelumbu both paid tribute to King Mandume yaNdemufayo in one of the most important reconciliatory and commemorative events of the last century in Omhedi.

After the long summer break, political life in Namibia took off this month with the opening of Parliament and the first Cabinet meeting. The land issue dominated again with claims for ancestral land lost during colonisation. Claims were peppered with alleged tribalistic undertones in the view of the government. President Hage Geingob called for...[more]

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Hardap no fuller than 70 percent

Most petrol stations in Mariental were flooded in 2006. Some fuel had leaked from the tanks and polluted the environment. For days, travellers could not refuel in Mariental. Photo: Dirk Heinrich

On 23 February 2017, the Hardap Dam, near Mariental’s sluices were opened for a second time in this rainy season, 2016/17. At first, only two sluices were opened at 8 o’clock for an hour, 1.2 metres and 224 cubic metres of water was drained per second. At 9 o’clock a third sluice was opened, 1.2 metres and 336m3/sec flowed into the Fish River...[more]

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Latest addition to the Gondwana family: Welcome Camp Chobe!

Sprawled along the banks of the Chobe River, Camp Chobe is designed with privacy in mind. An intimate refuge.

Large elephant families swimming, with a bit of luck you may see large zebra, buffalo and antelope herds grazing in the flood plains... You are in Camp Chobe, in the extreme southeast of the Zambezi Region. This jewel for nature and bird lovers is the latest addition to the Gondwana Collection, as from 1 March 2017. “We are handing Camp Chobe...[more]

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Once in a hundred years! A ceremony to befit a king

The Queen of the Ovakwanyama, Ohamba yOvakwanyama Nelumbu.

Kings, queens, traditional authorities, opposition leaders and thousands of Namibians from various ethnic groups gathered at Omhedi, close the Angolan border, last weekend to pay tribute to King Mandume yaNdemufayo in one of the most important reconciliatory and commemorative events of the last century.Thousands of people, including our founding...[more]

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One-time blossom splendour unfolds in Sandhof at Maltahöhe

When it rains on the Sandhof farm near Maltahöhe and the 700 hectare clay pan is 15 to 20cm under water, thousands of Sandhof lilies, an amaryllis plant, grow.

In the past week is was raining on the farm Sandhof, on Tuesday they had 8mm and on the 700 hectare vegetation-free clay pan, the very first greenery broke through the barren soil. Here, after good rain, thousands of so-called “Sandhof lilies” grow when water fills the pan up to 15 to 20cm. “Unfortunately, the water evaporated very quickly and we,...[more]

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Namibia2Go – Gondwana’s new all-inclusive Self-Drive Safaris


Experience Africa like nowhere else. Discover what makes Namibia so special, how it should be, easy, up close and unforgettable, with Namibia2Go. Gondwana Collection’s new and unbeatable self-drive safari packages for two. Namibia2Go will take you on a journey to Namibia’s greatest highlights, and through some of Africa’s most dramatic...[more]

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Namibian Economics to the Point – January 2017

The Ruacana Falls on the Kunene River.

2017 started with good rains throughout January in several regions of Namibia, bringing hope for the economy, particularly for the agricultural sector. Inflow into storage dams in the central areas around Windhoek has however remained low. Subdued economic growthNamibia’s economy had slowed significantly by December 2016, with a severe drought,...[more]

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