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Kalahari Farmhouse & SSC - where goodness grows

Guests of our accommodation centres always marvel at the opulent and appetising buffets with their large selection of fresh salads, dairy and meat products. Our secret has a name: Gondwana Self-Sufficiency Centre (SSC). It is a farming operation which keeps chickens, pigs and cattle and also runs hothouses, a butchery and a smokehouse. The...[more]

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Snap, snap away and capture joy

Share your delightful moments & stories with us, by sending us your pictures and thus participating in our SWAKOPMUND DELIGHT SNAPLIST PHOTO COMPETITION. The prize: an uplifting and relaxing holiday with Gondwana. The winners receive bed and breakfast accommodation vouchers for two at any Gondwana Lodge. The total value: N$100,000. Here...[more]


Celebrating a century of wild horses

During dry conditions, when grazing becomes scarce, the horses basically have to ‘work’ for the quantity of nutrients they need. Then they cover vast distances, feed wherever possible and rarely play. Visits to the drinking trough are put off for as long as possible.

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the wild horses of the Namib, or the Namibs, as they are often called. Their origins date back to the turbulent time of WWI when horses were abandoned to the desert extremes. Free of constraint by owners, the horses followed the green grazing and water sources, eventually making their way to the Garub...[more]

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Plethora of game in Gondwana Namib Park

Great shot by an automatic camera trap: giraffe satisfy their thirst.

More than 10 years of nature conservation turn former farming areas of the Gondwana Namib Park into a wildlife paradise. An automatic camera at a waterhole on the former farm Wegkruip took pictures of zebra, Oryx antelope, ostrich – even an aardwolf and giraffe came to satisfy their thirst. Gondwana Namib Park borders on the 10 km buffer zone...[more]

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The Delight Swakopmund – the final countdown

Nearing completion: One of the loft rooms of The Delight Swakopmund. (Photo: Megan Dreyer)

The Gondwana Group’s new hotel, The Delight Swakopmund, will welcome its first guests on 1 November. The countdown has started – only one month to go until the inauguration. The builders are busy with the final touches, and the latest photos contribute to the thrill of anticipation. Marketing consultant Donna-Rae Patricios is pleased to see...[more]

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Shake it till the clouds make it!

Raindance in the dried-up Avis Dam: “Ees” Eric Sell (r) and Hans (middle), recorded by Manfred Werner.

Tired of the drought? We challenge YOU to do the RainDance!!!Pledge your commitment to save water if you are Namibian, or add your positive energy to our cause wherever you are in the world.How? Download Ees’ song Rainmaker. Record your dance video in the categories Single or Groups and upload it to your timeline on Facebook with hashtag...[more]

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Hospitality excellence at heart

The participants of the current Gondwana Training Academy (back, ltr): Maria Mvula (Gondwana junior trainer), Israel Thele, Renate Khoagoses, Philip Reyher, Norbert Machipisa, Titus Angula; (front) Dolores Rooi, Annie Theron, Ina Neumbo, Paulina Likango, Millicent Kheimseb, Ume Goldbeck (training consultant)

The Gondwana Training Academy has kicked off its second mobile training programme which will be conducted during the whole month of September. 10 employees have been invited, among them the senior personnel of the new Gondwana hotel The Delight Swakopmund which will open its doors on 1 November. For 10 days, the participants are visiting the...[more]

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Gondwana furthers its commitment to hospitality excellence

The logo of Gondwana’s Training Academy.

Gondwana Collection has officially launched their new Training Academy which will open its doors at the Kalahari Farmhouse in Stampriet in January 2017. The lodge group’s new hospitality training and leadership development programme aims to provide service excellence, promoting Namibia as a top African tourist destination.Tourism is the fastest...[more]

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Jam sessions create awareness of service excellence

The Canadian singer Dave Carroll promotes excellence of service in Namibia.

As part of the initiative “The Power of One Voice” the Canadian musician and speaker, Dave Carroll, has been on tour in Namibia with Gondwana Collection (one of the event sponsors) from 6 to 12 August to promote his service delivery message and to promote his travels through some of Namibia’s tourist highlights for people around the world who have...[more]

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The Power of One Voice

The award winning singer-songwriter, professional speaker and consumer advocate Dave Carroll will visit Namibia from 6 - 14 August.

With ‘The Power of One Voice’, leading Namibian brands unite to support a national awareness of service excellence. Canadian musician and speaker, Dave Carroll, adds his voice – and lyrics - to promote service delivery.Carroll achieved social media fame after United Airlines failed to adequately respond to damage caused to his valuable Taylor...[more]

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