There is something extraordinarily special about the landscape around Klein-Aus Vista. It's where streaks of Namib sand merge with the bleached grasses of the Pro-Namib in a sensuous slow dance of splendour.

The lodge, nestled in the rocky Aus Mountains, is famed for its extensive and lovely vistas, best seen from one of the mountain bike or hiking trails, a viewpoint above the campsite or from the secluded Eagle's Nest Chalets
Contributing to the scenery, the Wild Horses of the Namib remind us of unfettered freedom and appeal to our soul to embrace the wonderful adventure of life in its entirety. Desert Horse Inn is imbued with the energy of the horses, adding a spirited component to the warmth of the family-owned lodge.

As the pastel landscape transforms into desert en route to Lüderitz and the coast, there is the abandoned diamond mining town of Kolmanskop to visit where disintegrating houses are a photographer's playground, a desert town to discover and fascinating promontories to explore. Set your GPSs for Klein-Aus Vista. Indulge in a dream of freedom.
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