Anticipation builds up as you turn off the main gravel road toward Canyon Lodge. Apricot sand merges with pale green euphorbias. This is a prelude to the loveliness of the lodge surroundings. Nestled between rounded granite boulders, Canyon Lodge's quaint century-old farmhouse reception, verdant garden and cool pond invite you into this enchanted enclave. The neighing of horses from the paddocks follows you to the thatch and stone chalets. Our recycling plant keeps the tapestry of grass dotted with camelthorn trees well-watered. Keep walking and discover a swimming pool with a view over the horizon.

Away from the world, tune into a rhythm of peace that reaffirms life as a whole. The awe-inspiring canyon wakens our senses to the raw and powerful beauty of Nature. Canyon Lodge provides hospitality in a relaxed and understated way. Offering character and charm, without the glitz, the lodge's down-to-earth attractiveness and homeliness blends with the rugged Fish River Canyon surrounds. You can hear on the whispers of wind the echo of the Fish River Canyon only twenty kilometers away. Here chasms carved through cataclysms, torrents and sparkling streams remind you of millions-of-years of Earth history. Our Fish River Canyon lodge with its echoes of time and place is a hideaway not to be missed. GPS-coordinates in 'degree, decimal-minutes': S 27˚ 39.590 E 17˚ 50.170
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Rates N$ per person incl. VAT & Bed Levy Double room B&B Single room B&B
Season 2014: 1 July 2014 - 31 December 2014 N$ 1200.00 N$ 1500.00
Season 2015: 1 January 2015 - 31 October 2015 N$ 1371.91   N$ 1715.79



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