Have you ever felt like an old car that has spent too many hours on a dusty road? If so, fill up on miles of smiles at this out-of-the-ordinary lodge. Why do we call it a roadhouse? Well there is a large red roof for a start. The outside hints at the wonderland interior with its rusty old Chev, Merc and Morris Minor from a bygone era adorned with corky quiver trees and desert flora. Park your vehicle and step inside. Discover a museum. Garage size doors open onto an International truck serving as the reception desk, a 'pompstasie' (filling station) bar and classic vehicles and transport paraphernalia assembled with an innovative and creative flair. - Someone with a sense of humour has been here. By now your smile will be a wide as the front fender of a 1948 Chrysler V8. We have placed restaurant tables among these relics and several cars serve as zany fireplaces in the chilly months. And the couches are as soft as the leather seats of a 1931 Mercedes.

Canyon Roadhouse sports more than a fascinating interior. Large attractive rooms, positioned around courtyards, offer a comfortable - and convenient - base when visiting the Fish River Canyon. If you blow your hooter the sound will echo back across the fourteen kilometers. The canyon resort has a swimming pool, a campsite, a terrace to enjoy Roadhouse specialities like Amarula cheesecake (and the best cappuccino for miles around). This lodge will rev your engine and tune it. You will leave with a smile as wide as the grille on a 1935 Buick. Be sure to include this quirky lodge - constructed with flair, creativity, mischief and a zest for life - into your travel plans. (ps. The lodge also has its own fuel station, so remember to fill up on fuel and smiles when visiting the canyon.) Drive off with a story in your tank. GPS-coordinates in 'degree, decimal-minutes': S 27˚ 31.439 E 17˚ 48.680
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Rates N$ per person incl. VAT & Bed Levy Double room B&B Single room B&B
Season 2014: 1 July 2014 - 31 December 2014 N$ 920.00 N$ 1150.00
Season 2015: 1 January 2015 - 31 October 2015 N$ 1005.65   N$ 1257.97



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