Quiver trees, Nama culture, rugged landscape and an impressive sweeping rock formation characterise Canyon Village. Our architect positioned stone-and-thatch chalets in a horse-shoe design around a celebration of quiver trees. The sprawling thatched central area, bedecked with bougainvillea, serves as restaurant, bar, lounge and reception. A mule drawn cart with a team flicking their ears conveys your luggage to the chalets in a flurry of activity and laughter. 'Our artists have depicted the history and legends of southern Namibia in murals on the restaurant's wall in this Fish River Canyon lodge. In the reception area a colourful and lively rendition of mission life in the golden time graces the wall.

Take a moment to honour the ancient Nama deity, Haitsi Aibeb, who doubles as a trickster at the front entrance and to request a blessing for the journey ahead. Here staff members proudly wear their traditional patchwork dress and headdresses. They bring the spirit of the south and the Nama people, one of the first peoples of southern Africa. The honey-coloured people have a knack for story-telling and have lovingly woven song and dance into their traditions. Their smile stretches as far and wide as the Canyon. These homely touches bring warmth and intrigue to a lodge which is an ideal base to explore the Fish River Canyon, Namibia's star attraction. If you shout a greeting, the canyon will echo your words back to you across twenty kilometers. The earthy appeal of the Village mirrors the landscape and legends of southern Namibia with authenticity and integrity. Canyon land. Nama charm. And a wealth of storytelling as old as scattered hand prints on rocks. GPS-coordinates in 'degree, decimal-minutes': S 27˚ 39.142 E 017˚ 46.429
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Rates N$ per person incl. VAT & Bed Levy Double room B&B Single room B&B
Season 2014: 1 July 2014 - 31 December 2014 N$ 920.00 N$ 1150.00
Season 2015: 1 January 2015 - 31 October 2015 N$ 1005.65   N$ 1257.97



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