If there was ever an enchanted garden, this is it. Entering the Kalahari Farmhouse is like stepping into a magical oasis in the desert. The cottage chalets with colourful patchwork quilts, fireplaces and charm look onto the garden lined with towering palms. Birds flutter through the trees, water runs in the furrows and peace pervades this intimate Kalahari resort. Well-positioned on the outskirts of Stampriet where life-giving artesian water spurts to the surface, the Farmhouse enjoys this generous boon in the Kalahari Desert. Ample water allows for a lush garden. This is everything you image a farm can be.

Gondwana's Self Sufficiency Centre grows its produce for the collection of lodges around the country. The gods surely smile on this land where goodness grows. At the Centre, adjacent to the lodge, seasonal vegetables grow, cows graze and offer milk for a variety of famous-name cheeses. Salamis, sausages and biltong are cured. Chickens cluck and peck their way across the grass finding nourishment in the soil. Hear that rooster in our logo crow in the distance, while pigs grunt from their enclosures. Take sweet time off on a road trip at Kalahari Farmhouse. Easily accessible if travelling between Windhoek and the South, or if en route to the Kgalagadi or South Africa, the lodge is best enjoyed over a few days.
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Rates N$ per person incl. VAT & Bed Levy Double room B&B Single room B&B
Season 2014: 1 July 2014 - 31 December 2014 N$ 920.00 N$ 1150.00
Season 2015: 1 January 2015 - 31 October 2015 N$ 1005.65   N$ 1257.97



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