Sit on the floating deck at Hakusembe River Lodge, feet up, book in hand absorbing the peace to the accompaniment of bird calls and the splashing of water. Those who can muster the energy to move, can cool off at the pool in the luxuriant garden. Try your luck at catching the elusive tiger fish, take a stroll to the Mbunza cultural village and at the end of the dayhop aboard the Hakusembe River Queen. From the safety of the river boat, watch the old crocodile glide into the water and the red orb of the sun dip elegantly behind the trees. As you raise your glass, the changing light and Kavango colours reflect and shimmer around you. Cheers! 
Okavango Activity

Activities on the Okavango River

Sunset Champagne Cruise Rate incl. VAT
Experience the waterworld of the Kavango on a romantic boat trip as the sun goes down
Season 2016: 1 November 2015 - 31 October 2016
N$ 195 pp
Season 2017: 1 November 2016 - 31 October 2017 N$ 215 pp
Tiger Fishing Rate incl. VAT
Experience catching one of the strongest fighting fresh water fish in the world
min. 2 persons, fishing licence can be obtained from the Lodge, but is not included in the rate
Season 2016: 1 November 2015 until 31 October 2016
N$ 120 pp/per hour
Season 2017: 1 November 2016 until 31 October 2017 N$ 140 pp/per hour


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