A profusion of light and colour

The interior decorators behind the hotel, Debra Fox and Chris Browne

"The lighthouse is a real beacon in the town, and it provided a flash of inspiration. That red of the lighthouse and that aqua of the Atlantic were the sparks.

"Interior decorators Debra Fox and Chris Browne from Johannesburg came to Swakopmund looking for inspiration for furnishing and decorating the Gondwana Collection's new hotel, The Delight Swakopmund.

"For us, Swakopmund is a quirky place. It's very unusual. And that was a good starting point to inject a fresh look for this hotel. Because it's traditionally quite conservative, or it's very practical, and we felt that nobody was capturing the warmth of Namibian hospitality in the design. So we hope we've done that."

Fox & Browne are consultants in the hospitality industry and deal with any range of tasks from lodge design to the training of staff. They aim to create wonderful accommodation establishments with equally wonderful service. And...

"We're crazy about travel and we're crazy about guests, and we like being guests. You don't find the warmth and hospitality anywhere else in the world that you find here in Africa. It's heartfelt, it's sincere. Honest. And I think we try to translate that into the design as well. That it feels like being in someone's home. When a good space and the people are right, the results are explosive. Meeting the team at Gondwana made us realise that they genuinely care about their guests and the experience that they are going to have.

"The typical features of the coastal area, of Gondwana, Swakopmund and its inhabitants are used for the interior design of The Delight Swakopmund. "From the minute you step into the entrance, the colour scheme, the feel of the room, takes you into a different space and experience already. Basically we've just set a little stage for the team with a bit of colour, and a bit of vibrancy."

As the interior decorators, Fox & Browne have a concrete idea of what they will like best about The Delight Swakopmund when the hotel opens its doors in November this year.

"I particularly like the concierge desk. To me it says that it has a sense of place, with that roughness around it...and is ready to look after you as a guest. And the bar. The bar might become quite a place to hang out in Swakopmund. I see that whole arrival area as the heart of the building, and that's where the energy will be. We've tried to make it as African as possible. All the products in the hotel are manufactured in southern Africa. I like the sense of place. The sense of warmth. A warm Namibian and, more particularly, Swakopmund experience."

The Delight Swakopmund: further impressions by architect Sven-Erik Staby and building contractors OJ Construction.
The Delight Swakopmund Logo
The Delight Swakopmund. The interior decorators behind the hotel, Debra Fox and Chris Browne
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