Our Philosophy


Dreams were discovered and history unravelled when the first Gondwana lodge was built on the farm Karios. Retaining the quaint century-old German farmhouse as the reception area, Canyon Lodge exudes the warmth and passion felt by its creators, the Schanderl brothers. Deported after WW1, they tried in vain to return to their beloved home. A bedstead, fitted by the brothers in observance of Bavarian tradition, still stands on the roof of the building to inform ladies that a bachelor is in residence. 


A seed was planted when the first piece of land was investigated near the Fish River Canyon nearly twenty years ago. This was a vision of a large conservation area. It would take many years to come to fruition. As sheep farmers put up their land for sale, discouraged by drought and the unfeasibility of farming in the inhospitable south, farm after farm was acquired. Fences were dismantled, waterholes established and wildlife reintroduced.


An important pillar of the Gondwana Philosophy, and one that stands sturdily with that of Conservation, is our commitment to the Namibian people. Our 600 staff members mirror the cultural diversity of the country and are an integral part of the company. Acknowledging their value, we invest heavily in staff training offering avenues of advancement. The training department provides a comprehensive programme including computer and language courses, service training, HIV education and provides awareness of the need for family planning, old-age provision and health-care.
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