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Gondwana Care Trust – Sharing our hearts

Gondwana lodges are run as tight-knit groups with close connections to their surrounding communities. This makes our commitment to social responsibility and community support fundamental to the way our company is run as we have always strived to make a positive difference to our environment and communities. The Gondwana Care Trust currently supports different projects across Namibia

Our efforts include the donation of food, clothing, bedding, educational products for schools and support of important environmental causes, like the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation. Furthermore, Gondwana assists with smaller building projects for school facilities in the vicinity of their lodges, sponsors prizes for award giving ceremonies and welcomes groups of learners free of charge in their lodges.

With the establishment of the Trust, we hope to increase public awareness of our projects and to provide a channel for other like-minded people and businesses to get involved and enhance the good we are able to do. If you want to see which institutions or charities we support via our Gondwana Care Trust, please click here. If you want to support us in our work, kindly contact us.

Gondwana takes action

Would you like to get an insight into our recent work on the ground? Have a look at our Gondwana Care Trust Newsletter and see for yourself. 

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Many Namibians end their days with empty stomachs. Together with Bank Windhoek and DAWN we aim to reduce the number of people for whom this is a daily reality. With the Meal4Two initiative Gondwana offers free meat delivery from our Self-Sufficiency Centre to numerous associations, charities, schools and hostels and thus assists to feed disadvantaged people. Through Bank Windhoek’s generous financial donation we are able to expand our food deliveries and add groceries.  

The Namibia Wild Horses Foundation was established in 2012 for ongoing research and to regularly monitor the wild horses of the Namib, thus facilitating their well-being. Gondwana and their marketing partner Klein-Aus Vista support the Wild Horses Foundation in their endeavours as the wild horses are one of the main attractions in southern Namibia. 

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