Honouring people

An important pillar of the Gondwana Philosophy, and one that stands sturdily with that of Conservation, is our commitment to the Namibian people. Our 600 staff members mirror the cultural diversity of the country and are an integral part of the company. Acknowledging their value, we invest heavily in staff training offering avenues of advancement. The training department provides a comprehensive programme including computer and language courses, service training, HIV education and provides awareness of the need for family planning, old-age provision and health-care.

The Gondwana staff complement includes service, guiding and managerial staff at the fourteen lodges; administration, marketing, managerial, human resources and technical staff in Windhoek; Self-Sufficiency Centre staff who grow produce for the lodges, run the butchery and the cheese-making facility in Stampriet; and the well-qualified team of park rangers who monitor the fauna and flora, conduct anti-poaching patrols and support research projects.

Visitors to the Gondwana lodges immediately experience the feeling of self-assurance and well-being radiating from the staff, stemming from their awareness of being part of a greater whole.

Welcome to Gondwana. We greet you with a smile and a warm handshake.
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