We all know different types of travelers. Some only want to unwind and luxuriate in whatever the destination has to offer, be it excellent cuisine, a stunning view with a glass of white wine in hand, or lying by the swimming pool and reading a book.

Some people want to explore, experience the country, participate in adventure, and want to gain as much out of the holiday as possible. Some travelers take it as it comes and spontaneously book activities or decide to interact with local offerings.

If you are this type of person, or simply desire to know what Gondwana Collection Namibia offers, apart from top-of-the-range accommodation and meals, I listed the four activities that you should definitely try out, here:

When visiting the northern rivers of Namibia:

  1. Book a romantic Sunset Boat Cruise

Whether you are sojourning at the Zambezi Mubala Lodge, at Namushasha River Lodge, Chobe River Camp, or Hakusembe River Lodge, this activity invites you to luxuriate in an affair with the unique water world of the Namibian rivers. You can book this activity at the lodge, and if you would rather like to stay at the Camp, the Campsite, or Camping2Go facility, you are welcome to book this activity, also. The Sunset Boat Cruise is a romantic guided boat trip that grants you to enjoy the serenity of the north with a spouse or friends, as the sun sets and dissolves into the water. The booking includes refreshments and light appetizers and the cruise has a comfortable duration of close to 1.5 hours.

If you favour to partake in the boat cruise during the day, a Morning or Late Afternoon Boat Cruise is also available as an activity. This time setting is ideal for bird enthusiasts and passionate photographers, as the daylight allows the camera to capture the untamed and mesmerizing colours of the river. This variation is about 3 hours long and also includes refreshments and light appetizers. This endeavour is non-exhausting and calls for minimal physical effort, thus making it the perfect activity to kick back and to absorb the beauty of Namibia.

When visiting the Kalahari or Damara land area:

  1. Take your family on a Nature Drive or Game Drive

If you like guided drives, you should seriously consider booking this activity for yourself, or for an entire group.

Morning Nature Drives are available at Kalahari Anib Lodge, Namib Desert Lodge, and The Desert Grace, for those, who would like to join a 2-hour drive in the morning with a knowledgeable and friendly guide. The drive at Kalahari Anib Lodge takes guests into the red dunes, where children (and adults) can play in the sand and feel Namibia under their bare feet, and the family can rest with a cup of coffee or tea, while the guide explains interesting facts about the nature and animals found in the environment. The Drive is subject to availability and rates can be enquiries directly at the Lodge.

Other Nature Drives include the Morning/Afternoon Half Day Nature Drive and the Full Day Damaraland Nature Drive at Palmwag Lodge and Camp, as well as the Sunset Nature Drive in the Gondwana Canyon Park.

Game Drives are available at Etosha Safari Camp, Etosha Safari Lodge, and Etosha King Nehale. These are guided drives on open 24 seater game vehicles that drive guests into the Etosha National Park. This is the best opportunity to view free wandering wildlife, like it is only witnessed on television. The Drive includes the park entrance fees, a light snack and refreshments, and is around 9 hours long.
You can select between a Full Day Game Drive or a Half Day Game Drive into Etosha National Park, where the departure is either in the morning or afternoon.

When visiting the Fish River Canyon or the Kalahari:

  1. Jump on an E-Bike and explore Namibia

Traverse the Namib Desert or Gondwana Canyon Park at your own personal time and speed without breaking a sweat. E-Biking requires minimal effort as the bicycles are electrically powered to support your paddling journey. You can reserve this little guided or un-guided adventure for the morning or afternoon, for a solo trip or for a group activity directly at the lodge.

Photo: Markus Frank-Schulz

The rates and trail maps are available at the lodge receptions of Kalahari Anib Lodge, The Desert Grace, Namib Desert Lodge, The Canyon Lodge, and Canyon Roadhouse.

When visiting the north:

  1. Hike to the most fascinating places within Namibia

If you are staying at Zambezi Mubala Lodge, join a guided walk to the bird colonies in the Zambezi region with a trusty and knowledgeable guide. This hike takes approximately 3 hours, and is seasonal, thus it may only be booked directly at the Lodge reception. Should you be visiting Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp, be sure to book a 2 hour guided walk along the scenic Kunene River, where you might experience the vervet monkeys, and obtain the chance to photograph beautiful birds.

Photo: Markus Frank-Schulz

At Kalahari Anib Lodge, you can either hike through the red dunes with a trail map, or reserve a guided hiking tour, which includes refreshments and snacks, and can be booked directly at the lodge reception. Other hiking trails are found at The Desert Grace, Canyon Roadhouse, and the Desert Horse Inn.

The Gondwana Collection Namibia properties offer activities for every taste and adrenaline level. Whether older or still a youngster, they were created and fine tuned to cater for every guest so that you can relish your holiday in Namibia the way you want to. And if you want to suntan by the pool the entire day with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other, that counts as an activity, as well.

No one needs to find out that the sweat is from lying in the hot Namibian sun, and not from hiking 7 kilometers through the landscape.

If you have tested one of these activities before, or have any inquiries, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

Author – Hi! I am Elke, a born and raised German-Namibian. I love to travel around and explore different cultures and places, but my home country always magically draws me back home again. Oh, and if it involves food, count me in on the adventure.