From the lush tropical heat of the Zanzibar archipelago, Tanzania, Kenya and Lamu archipelago we travel to the brave land, Namibia. The second least populated country in the world, but possibly the friendliest.

Sculptured by heavens hand, this lands’ vast open spaces allow us as travelers to experience: a night sky filled with millions of stars that seemingly kiss your forehead; gigantic red sand dunes with its wind woven serpentine nature (the highest sand dune in the world is in Sossusvlei); the 160km long Fish River Canyon, the second largest one in the world; the Kalahari Desert with the largest continuous stretch of sand on earth where oryx, springbok, ostrich and bat eared fox roam; from the Sperrgebiet Rand Park, Garub near Aus, heart of the fiery spirited Wild Horses to Kolmanskop – The Ghost Town where champagne once was cheaper than water and the once grandiose mansions built during the diamond trade era not only play host to sand; to windy Luderitz which bears the Diaz cross as he was the first European In Namibia’s South Coast in 1488.

We experience Damaraland and Twyfelfontein, a World Heritage Site renowned and protected for the ancient animal and symbol carvings, its Savannah with the Desert Elephants. From there the 22,700km (square) Etosha National Park. Etosha“large white place” where elephants, zebra, lion and springbok roam. On the Okavango and its unwavering flow into the heart of the Caprivi and Zambezi with tiger fishing, bird watching and slow cruising animal watching boats… getting closer to one of the world’s most magical wonders, Victoria Falls.

You’re welcome to follow the journey here on this blog, where we will be cooking all the way in the Gondwana lodges and camps. Join us in the activities, animal sightings and close ups of brave Namibian faces. Please comment and share as you like. Let’s Travel and dream together. Heaven bless this magnificent trip and this beautiful vast diverse land and its people.

About Tanja Meyer

Tanja MeyerTanja Meyer is a South African Travel and Food writer and photographer whose principal motive is to inspire all to travel, to embrace different parts of the world, diverse cultures and cuisine. Her book called “A Passion for Travel and Taste – The Swahili Coastline and Islands (Zanzbar, Pemba, Mafia, Lamu and Kiwayu)” are in final editing stages and quick to follow up she has now embarked on her second book, “A Passion for Travel and Taste – Namibia – The Brave Land.”

At the age of four and she was promptly send off to primary school. Her dad went to a medical conference in USA and gave her a rotating map of the world on his return, she told him that one day she wants to be a personal assistant for a big businessman that flies all over the world so that she could get to see it too.

Instead, her modeling career took her to Europe and throughout all the years she continued writing, which up to the first book was mostly poetry and short stories. Now she prefers creating awareness for the the Gift of travelling Born in 1970 near a small town called “Perdekop” in Southern Transvaal her writing started at the age through highlighting specific countries, cultures, cuisine, resorts, lodges and historical data within easy reading.

She is passionate about landscapes, people and loves cooking, but by no means classifies herself as a super chef; instead she works closely with the chefs in the respective Hotels & Lodges to provide readers with the recipes of their success! She also had the opportunity to photograph Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire cooking with his team in the ANA Hotel in Tokyo.

Adventurous and wanting to know more she also shows us what activities we can enjoy, but most of all to be inquisitive when we travel, to be open minded and to explore… this is how we learn and grow.

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