The capital city of Namibia, Windhoek, is usually where adventurous journeys begin or come to an end. However, many miss out on opportunities to explore the lovely corners of this city, perhaps never realising that Windhoek makes for a great sojourn after an intimate experience at the Namushasha River Villa or the countless Namibia Outdoor inspired adventures.

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It is a modern city that is complimented by old history and architecture. It is where one of the longest streets, Independence Avenue, within the central business district is flanked by numerous restaurants, while the quirky cafés such as Vintage Coffee Shop and Restaurant, Slowtown Coffee Roasters, Craft Market Café, Klara’s Market Place, Krisjan’s Bistro, Wilde Eend Bistro, @Eat and Fika Coffee Bar are perched throughout the city, to ensure you can always grab a tasty treat as you explore.

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But, I believe it could be the craft vendors or curio shops which ensure you get an urge to shop for yourself and loved ones.

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Modern architecture such as the National Museum of Namibia punctuates the clear skyline, flattered with views of the Tintenpalast or Christuskirche and complimented by the resounding unceasing hooting of taxis who announce their service in style, also add to your sojourn, but there definitely is more to the city.

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It is the unique neighbourhoods known for serving something different or rather hearty.  Hence, many travellers with a day or two to spare in Windhoek, can enjoy either one of the below.  So, hop into a Namibia2Go rental vehicle and head out for a little adventure.

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You might want to grab some Namibian soul food. A braai meal can be found not too far away from the corner of the Pioneers Park cemetery traffic lights and of course, they say a Khomasdal braai is even better, where the families will urge you to purchase their braai meat as they each vouch that theirs is the most delicious and deserves a taste. What would that braai consist of? Some boerewors (sausage), lamb chops, T-bone steaks, chicken, fish, sosaties (meat on skewers), potato salad, roosterbroodtjies (bread baked on grill), pap (traditional Southern African maize staple), tomato-onion relish, carrot and bean salad – it’s all up to how much you’d like.

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What about a quick stop in Katutura at one of our malls? Try the Herero Mall in Clemens Kapuuo Street – it’s not your typical mall, just so you know. Hence, a stop should be worthwhile. It is merely an open space flanked by corrugated shops, food stalls and your favourite aunties seated at their three-legged-iron pots ready to serve you a fantastic meal. And you definitely shouldn’t miss a sight of one of the many open butcheries renowned as ‘We Cut Meat’ set right next to one another.

Perhaps Eveline Street in Goreangab could be just what you need if you are too weary to make several stops and prefer convenience. It is where you can get your car washed, grab a cold one at the bar next door, feast on delicious braai meat at a stand and still make it just in time for your salon appointment to try out a new braided hairstyle you saw in a magazine last week.

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A sojourn in Windhoek is definitely a great idea! But remember, like all inundated places in the world, when visiting an unfamiliar area it is vital to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid displaying them, as there might be chance-takers.

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So go out and explore the unique facets of Windhoek’s neighbourhoods, meet some amazing people and come back again!

If you have visited Windhoek neighbourhoods before, what are some of your favourite experiences? What other neighbourhoods do you look forward to visiting in Namibia? Share with us in the comment section below.


Author –  I’m Nela, from Windhoek Namibia but born in a small village called Omatunda in northern Namibia. I am passionate about writing, research and photography, as it helps me gain knowledge about people and my country.