The velvety Namib Desert embraced by flora and fauna,coupled with matchless antiquity,is what lures most visitors to Namibia.

While you are here, I hope you stay at one of our Namib Desert Collection establishments for a Namib Experience, as they are set close to the striking fossilised dunes forth at once-in-a-life-time adventure.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

So, whilst figuring out whether to stay at Namib Desert Lodge, Namib Dune Star Camp or The Desert Grace… here are a few activities to enjoy during your visit:

Afternoon or Morning Dune Drive

Is an afternoon dune drive up your alley? It allows you to be mesmerised by the red sand, fossilised dunes and wildlife and, of course, other wonders the guides may come across as they take you through the Gondwana Namib Park.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

Walking Trails

Would you like to experience the Namib Desert by foot? Walks are self-guided and vary between 3km, 5km and 7km. Our friendly reception will assist you accordingly.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

Scorpion Night Walk

But… there’s the enthralling 3km guided Scorpion Night Walk with a UV light right after that scrumptious dinner, and yes, it is safe.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

E-Bike Tour

What about exploring the Gondwana Namib Park like ‘BOSS’ on an e-bike guided tour? It’s literally being one with nature, as you feel the fresh air against your skin, gaze at a breathtaking sunset and be within close proximity to wildlife. It’s up to you to either do it in the morning or afternoon.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni


Head over to Sossusvlei for a day trip to explore Dead Vlei and tackle that walk on the Big Daddy dune.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

Certainly there’ll be no need to head to the gym for leg day that week and you’ll have amazing photos that will instantaneously invite your family and friends to make their way to Namibia soonest! As you return to the lodge do include a stop to explore the captivating Sesriem Canyon.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

So many options… choose to stay at one of our Gondwana Namib Desert Collection properties and have your pick of the unique activities they offer or simply try out the Sossusvlei Shuttle Safari.

Please share with us in the comment section below which of these activities you have enjoyed or wish to experience soon.

Author –  I’m Nela, from a small village called Ongha in Namibia. I am intrigued by research, writing and photography as it is an ideal way to gain knowledge about people and the world. And of course… to share it too!