Truth be told, the title may be a bit misleading… but there is a white elephant in that cave ! Phillips Cave, is a cavern that was discovered on the farm, Ameib. Consequently, the cave was named after the owner at the time, E. Phillip. Located between Swakopmund and Usakos, the cave is about a 45 minute walk from the farm.

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In 1951, this site was dubbed a National Monument. This is due to the various rock paintings left by the nomadic San People. And this is where the white elephant comes in. A painting of a white elephant (drawn over some kind of antelope) is the most prominent piece in the cave. Amongst various paintings, archaeological inspection also uncovered stone tools.

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The cave is only fifteen metres deep, but thirty-five metres wide and seven metres high. Various animals are depicted on the walls of the cave. However, a few paintings of women and hunters can also be found.

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Day hikers can access the site via the Ameib Farm. There is also a popular picnic spot backing stacks of boulders. Including the Bull’s Party, a collection of boulders that resemble a group of bovines.

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This is a great stop on your way to Swakopmund and the Gondwana Collection’s The Delight Hotel.

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