My second cup of coffee before leaving, brings me into contact with a curious and friendly rock squirrel. After his third visit to me sitting on the stoep – pergola I felt honored and thought to name him Mr. Jones. Mr Jones and me had a thing going on… he warmed my heart with his bravery and watching his little movements as he was eating away once again filled me with wonder for us living in such a beautiful and fascinating world which we need to take care of.

Mr. Jones - Photo: Tanja Meyer

Mr. Jones in-front of  Eagle’s Nest Chalets  – Photo: Tanja Meyer

Twenty minutes later at the waterhole in Garub… No wild horses, only gemsbok – Oryx and a handful of ostrich. We cannot rush nature and full of prayers I sat down and closed my eyes and prayed to hear the wild galloping of the horses. A couple came past and asked if the horses had made an appearance.. I said not yet. Unfortunately they left after a few minutes and missed the thunder of the thirsty approaching wild horses. A sight to behold. Writing this I have goose bumps…

Thirsty horses approaching Garub waterhole - Photo: Tanja Meye

Thirsty horses approaching Garub waterhole – Photo: Tanja Meyer

The day is hot and the gemsbok and horses need the water. A mother and her little filly try to get close to the water and one gemsbok turns at her with pointing horns. The mother in fierce protection of her filly and of the needed water, claps dusts into the air with her hooves. An incredible display of protection and survival, beautiful! The gemsbok gave in and made way..

Oryx & Wild-horses at the Garub Waterhole - Photo: Tanja Meyer

Oryx & Wild-horses at the Garub Waterhole – Photo: Tanja Meyer

I stayed for two more hours watching groups of horses coming and going and reluctantly drove away. Kolmanskoppe, the Ghost Town was a thriving ostentatious town during its diamond rush era. Champagne was cheaper than the water which had to be shipped in from South Africa. Here it is said that in the evenings men drank the champagne out of ladies shoes. It is now filled with sand and it attracts visitors from across the world. There is a little cafe which serves delicious muffins and coffee with friendly staff for the hungry and thirsty…

Luderitz is a windy city with delicious crayfish and it also plays host to the world speed windsurfing championship. It has a friendly harbor and is steeped in history. It has been a long day and I’m heading back to Desert Horse Inn, its late afternoon cooling granite and another food shoot with the chefs.

Sosatie delight - Photo: Tanya Mejer

Sosatie delight – Photo: Tanya Mejer


With the red sunset I finally settle into the lounge, sinking deep into the leather sofa I feel blessed and think of all the people that I would love to have there with me. I felt thankful to all the staff at and to Gondwana Collection for enabling me to experience the day. I am looking forward to my dinner and cozy nights sleep…

This Blog post was written by Tanja Meyer.

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