There aren’t many places in the world where you can shower with an elephant before enjoying dinner around a campfire while live music pulsates with energetic township vibe. Not unless you stay at Etosha Safari Camp 10km south of Etosha National Park’s Anderson Gate in Namibia.

I fell in love with Etosha Safari Camp at first sight a few years back. Our ‘room’ was a free-standing chalet surrounded by mopane thicket and tall blonde grass so although there were lots of them, they were fairly widely spaced on the large property and we didn’t feel anyone was peering down our necks as we lolled on the porch in our safari chairs.

Rights to Roxanne Reid

It scored bonus points for being accommodation near Etosha National Park, one of my favourite places to see wildlife. More bonus points for the air conditioner that preserves sanity in northern Namibia’s fierce summer heat.

Rights to Roxanne Reid

The rooms have since been refurbished. Now you’ll find sunshiny yellow doors and mozzie nets, bright orange sheets, zebra-patterned pelmets, and black-and-white woodcuts of animals like elephant and rhino on the walls. My favourite spot is still the shower with a mosaic of the back view of an elephant, its trunk raised up to where the water comes out, as if it has sucked up a trunkful to splash you with. It’s playful and I love it.

The main complex houses everything from the reception desk, swimming pool and a shop to the Oshebeena bar and restaurant, where you can enjoy your meals on the long verandas or in the courtyard.

Rights to Roxanne Reid

I think it certainly is time for an Etosha experience as it allows you to appreciate the endless vastness of the Etosha National Park. So, see you soon!

Have you ever stayed at Etosha Safari Camp? Share with us what you enjoyed most in the comment section below.

Writer: Roxanne Reid is a freelance writer, photojournalist, blogger, editor and proofreader. As a travel writer, she has walked through the Kalahari with a San tracker, camped under the stars in the bare stillness of the Richtersveld, and drove along the Roof of Africa in the high mountains of Lesotho. She also enjoyed breakfast in the Okavango Delta with a herd of elephants, walked among the wild horses of the Namib Desert and felt the spray of the Victoria Falls on her face. Please do enjoy her complete blog by clicking here: Etosha Safari Camp.