13 ways to keep warm in a Namibian winter.

Cuddle time has officially arrived in Namibia and once the cold has crept into your bones, it becomes difficult to get the warmth back in. And with the drought, staying warm has become more complicated than a hot bubble bath. So we thought to compile a list of ways to keep warm in ways that don’t require bath tubs or vast amounts of electricity.

Cover your windows–When the glass in the windows gets cold, it actually cools down the entire room! To keep the room temperature nice and snug, keep those windows covered. Make sure the windows are closed properly before you cover them (curtains or blankets, whichever way suits you best) because you don’t need a draft rendering your ‘coverings’ useless.

Cover windows - Image: Pinterest

Cover windows – Image: Pinterest

Hot water bottles! – People tend to dismiss this little gem too quickly, but it is a great way to stay warm. Put a hot water bottle into your bed an hour before you plan on turning in, you will find your bed warm and cosy and falling asleep will be quick and painless.

Hot water bottle - Image: Distractify website

Hot water bottle – Image: Distractify website

Exercise! –  This may be an obvious one, but getting your blood pumping will keep you warm for a while.

Hot Beverages – As we all know, a warm drink can soothe your soul. It can also help to warm you up if the chill starts to get to you. Hot Chocolate, Tea or Coffee can give you that lovely warm feeling when you drink it and who doesn’t want that feeling?

Hot drinks - Image: Wedding bells

Hot drinks – Image: Wedding bells

Build a fort – Why not? Piling all the pillows and blankets into a nice and cosy fort is an ideal way to relive your childhood and keep warm in a way that is cost effective and fun!

Fort - Image: Buzzfeed

Fort – Image: Buzzfeed

Layer your clothing – If you are only wearing one jersey and complaining about the cold, go straight back home and grab another jersey, jacket or coat. Layers can keep you warm and insulate your body heat to stay within the layers of clothing, instead of escaping into the cold air. Given by the end of all your layering you may look like the Michelin-Man, but at least you won’t be cold.

Michelin-man - Image: PMGS website

Michelin-man – Image: PMGS website

Use carpets – Most modern houses come with tiled floors and very few carpeted rooms. To escape cold floor, use area rugs or carpets to insulate and keep the space you move in, warm.

Shower with the door open – A very strange and unexpected tip, and it is a whole lot easier to use when you’re living along, but by showering with the door open you actually allow the warm air from the bathroom to fill the entire house.

Get a cuddle buddy –If you don’t have someone special, pets make fantastic buddies too!

Cuddle buddies - Image: A place to love dogs website

Cuddle buddies – Image: A place to love dogs website

Comfort Food – This is the perfect way to subdue those winter cravings and to keep warm! Stews, soups and baked goods will always serve their purpose to indulge and satisfy.

Comfort food - Image: Eat at allies

Comfort food – Image: Eat at Allies

Let the sun in – Keeping windows closed/covered is good in the evenings or in places with little sun during the winter months. However Namibia has the winter sun to keep us warm during the day. Keep curtains drawn during the day to let the sun fill the room with bright warmth.

Keep your feet warm – Toasty feet help keep your whole system warm. Be sure to wear socks whenever you can, especially woolly ones.

Wear socks - Image: Tumblr

Wear socks – Image: Tumblr

Light a fire – Fireplaces are the perfect way to warm a room and give some atmosphere to a space! Two birds with one stone.

Fireplace - Image: Pinterest

Fireplace – Image: Pinterest

If you have used any of these tricks and hacks or if you have a few of your own to add to the list, we invite you to share them in the comment section below. Beat the cold this winter and stay warm!

Unfortunately these steps cannot help everyone keep warm this winter…We ask that if you have any jackets or blankets you no longer use or need that you please bring them to the Gondwana Collection’s head offices. The Gondwana Memes – our social outreach activists – will make sure these are distributed to communities around Namibia where the need is most prevalent. Help others to layer-up this winter and to beat the cold too!

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Our head offices are located at 42 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Windhoek. If you need any additional information please feel free to contact me at content@gondwana-collection.com

Author – Jescey Visagie is a proud Namibian and is passionate about writing and language. Tag along for the ride as she tries to uncover new insights into Namibia and explores what the country has to offer.

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