This year I finally had the chance to organize a very adventurous road trip around Namibia, which turned out to be the most incredible one of my life so far! For several years I have been dreaming of it while seeing stunning pictures online of this fabulous African country. And all my expectations have been totally satisfied by the overwhelming beauty of nature (and the colours!!!).

The focus of this article is on Namib Desert. You can find here all info about how to plan a road trip there, where to stay, what to expect and some special tips for taking the best pictures in the desert!

You need also to be aware of the fact that a road trip to the Namib Desert can be very tiring as well: many hours driving gravel-road and so many things to see every day! Distances in Namibia are massive, just be ready! I personally love driving and road trips in general, so my own experience has been overall beyond amazing!

Sunrise colors in the Namib Desert, Namibia (Africa)


  • Language: English. Other official languages are: Afrikaans, German and several local dialects
  • Visa: on arrival, valid for 90 days
  • Capital: Windhoek
  • Currency: Namibian Dollar and South African RAND (Namibia independence from South Africa: in 1990!)
  • Time Zone: UTC+2
  • Country Code: +264
  • Emergency number: police +264 (61) 1-0111 , ambulance +264 (61) 21-1111
  • Population: 2.5 million people (despite it is a HUGE country!)


  1. IMPORTANT: before your road trip, download on your phone an “off-line map”.
  2. The GPS doesn’t always work, neither a local sim card.
  3. However, you should buy a Namibian sim card
  4. 4X4 CAR: Mandatory. I recommend to rent it from Namibia2Go
  5. Recommended place to stay: Gondwana Lodges
  6. Is driving around Namibia safe? YES, TOTALLY. We were 2 girls and we have never been in danger. You just need to be comfortable driving off-road.
  7.  Flat tires issue: yes, it is true that it can happen very often!!! Be ready to change a tire before this trip! You can do it! There are so many tutorials on YouTube, this is my favourite: click here to watch it
  8.  Windhoek airport is 40 minutes away from the city centre

Myself during a fabulous road trip in Namibia


This year I spent 3 epic months in South Africa, so I flew from Cape Town to Windhoek. Wherever you fly from, I’d suggest getting to the Namibian Capital where you will be able to pick up your 4×4 car (either at the airport or organizing yourself with Namibia2Go car rental as previously mentioned).

Depending on where you will stay in the desert, the road trip from Windhoek to the desert will last average 4 – 5 hours.

On the way, we stopped to take photos under the iconic “Tropic of Capricorn” sign.

Myself on the way to the Namib Desert

For the first hour or so, we drove on the highway C26. It was smooth and easy, all straight!

Highway from Windhoek to the desert, Namibia (Africa)

After a few hours, we had to turn right on D1275 following the directions to Solitaire. At that point, we started driving on gravel road, seeing constantly breathtaking landscapes!

Driving off-road in Namibia

At some point, we crossed the mountain through Kupferberg Pass and to the turn off to Spreetshoogte Pass: I suggest driving VERY slowly there! Between them, we passed by Nauchas, where there are several farms and a police station.

Spreetshoogte Pass after Nauchas, Namibia

After Solitaire, we drove for 30-40 min more before reaching Gondwana Lodges.


As I personally do not like camping, I didn’t choose to stay in a tent (if you like it, you can find many places for camping in Namibia but I do not know which one I can recommend).

For this reason, I was looking for a “luxurious desert experience” and I had the big pleasure to stay at the beautiful Gondwana Lodges (“The Namib Desert Lodge” as well as “The Namib Dune Star Camp“).


The Namib Dune Star Camp is not only an outstanding and unique accommodation but it is also a Namibian experience itself! Every room is a bungalow where you have your own terrace… and the bed can be moved outdoor to enjoy the views! How incredible!

It is a very exclusive accommodation, part of the Gondwana Collection. There are only 10 bungalows, where you can feel peace, privacy and intimacy. My favourite!

You can’t drive to this lodge: the Gondwana staff drives every guest there with a big jeep, departing from the Namib Desert Lodge (20 min away).

Enjoying the sunset from bed – Namib Desert

The view from the main area is breathtaking. Here you can find the dining room and the bar, with a big terrace overlooking the desert and the mountains.

We had a very special dinner at night, all the guests together, with a private chef! The table looked just perfect!

Dinner in the Namib Desert @ Namib Dune Star Camp

I went to several deserts in my life and I have always been very cold at night. Surprisingly, in the Namib Desert I haven’t felt cold at all and I slept indeed outdoor under the stars! One of the best experiences of my entire life!

Myself under the stars in the Namib Desert


The Namib Desert Lodge is perfectly located in the Namib Desert, and it really looks like a dreamy oasis! Here, you can get every comfort during your trip to the desert. Each room has its own bathroom with proper shower, towels and soaps. It is a quiet big lodge, where you can find a fabulous swimming pool where to chill in the afternoon! In the desert you will wake up indeed VERY EARLY to enjoy the colours of the desert, after lunch you’ll have time to chill!

The Namib Desert Lodge – Gondwana Collection Namibia

The restaurant and bar provide to their guests a very wide range of food and drinks: you will not even realize you are in the desert! And the food is so delicious, especially the meat!

Outdoor common area @ Namib Desert Lodge (Gondwana Collection Namibia)


In order to get to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, you need to get to Sesriem (no matter where you come from, it is the only way). From Gondwana Lodges you need to drive around 1h30min – 2 hours.

When you reach Sesriem, you are in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, so you need to park the car, pay the fee, and pass through the guard control.


Check all details HERE

Sesriem, Namibia: Entrance of Namib-Naukluft National Park

Following the road, you will find (in order):

  1. Dune 42
  2. Dune 45
  3. End of the road!!! You need to pay the jeep-service to reach the next places
  4. Deadvlei
  5. Sossusvlei

SUGGESTION: you must go for the sunrise and for the sunset, you will get the best colours and you won’t suffer the heat. I drove there twice indeed, one day for the sunset in Deadvlei and Sossusvlei and the other day for the sunrise on the big dunes (42 and 45).

  1. SUNRISE @ DUNE 42

Be there before 8am, you will get the best colours! Also: bring a jacket, its cold in the morning!

Myself on Dune 42, Namib Desert (Africa)

  1. DUNE 45

You cannot imagine how big these dunes are, only when you are there you can understand! They are in fact the biggest in the world!

Dune 45 in the morning, Namib Desert (Africa)


Myself with #Namibia2Go car @ Dune 45, Namibia



To reach Sossusvlei and Deadvlei you have to park your car and pay for the big-jeep service, unless you have a very big jeep too. However, I have seen many people who tried to go with their 4×4 and getting stuck in the sand! The jeep-service is highly recommended! You pay directly to the driver once there, they will bring you to each place and pick you up again when you want (of course respecting the opening times of the park)

Myself on the big-jeep in Sossusvlei, Namibia


This is honestly the most incredible natural spot I have seen in my life. No doubt.

The jeep left us on the way to Sossusvlei. We walked through the desert for 20-25 minutes before reaching the famous dead trees in Deadvlei.

SUGGESTION: wear booths, not sneakers. You will walk on the dunes, the sand can go into your shoes and be very annoying. Also, during the day it gets very hot, so it would not be pleasant to walk on it! I learnt it from my previous experiences in the Sahara desert!

Myself walking in the Namib Desert!

In the following picture, you can see the exact dune that separates Deadvlei and the rest of the desert!

The dunes that separates the rest of the desert with Deadvlei!

When I saw Deadvlei from the top of this dune, I screamed so loud! And I almost cried! I could not believe how absurd this landscape was, I simply could not believe my eyes! It looks small from the pictures but when you get there you realize everything is SO HUGE! (The trees included!)

The following picture is one of my favourite from my trips!

Myself walking in Deadvlei, Namibia

Those trees apparently died over 700 hundreds years ago and these dunes are over 350meters high! It is surreal!

When I saw them from afar, I thought they were so small. Then, I realized how big they actually were only when I got close to them! I think that the dimension of the dunes confuses the perception of… everything!

The dune in the following pictures is called “Big Daddy” and it is actually the biggest in the world!


The last stop is Sossusvlei. I loved the jeep-service ride on the sand, looking at the beautiful dunes during the sunset!

Sossusvlei, Namibia (Africa)

I hope this article can help you to organize your own trip! There are several more destinations there, like the Etosha National Park and the coastal route that I would love to explore one day!

Namibia will be forever in my heart!

Writer: Carlotta Conca is a passionate traveller and art advisor who loves sharing her stylish adventures around the world! Follow her journey on Lust For The Sublime.

What are some of your tips for a road trip in Namibia? Share some of your favourite road trip experiences in the comment section below.