On the coast of Namibia you will find an extremely photogenic town. Once people went hunting for diamonds here, but now the sand dominates the buildings. Whatever window you look into and whatever room you enter, the sand is everywhere. That, in combination with all those dilapidated buildings, creates the most surrealistic images.

©Roëll de Ram

Stay overnight near Kolmanskop

We made a wonderful trip through Namibia through the travel agency Footprint Travel and with their assistance we arranged most of our accommodations. Near Kolmanskop they booked us an overnight stay at Klein Aus Vista, Desert Horse Inn.

©Roëll de Ram

This was a super nice lodge of the Gondwana Collection (they have a lot of nice hotels and lodges all over Namibia) and you spend the night at Klein Aus Vista in terracotta colored houses that are built in a kind of farm style. In the evening you can enjoy an extensive buffet here and relax by the pool during the day. By the way, breakfast is also very extensive and if you want to do something after your trip through Kolmanskop (or visit Luderitz) then chances are that you will spot wild horses in the neighborhood of Klein Aus Vista or you can go on some nice hikes from the lodge.

©Roëll de Ram

Do you want to do exactly the same as us? Then take a look here and book your stay for your next trip! Gondwana Collection Namibia offers accommodation across the entire country, suitable for every budget, taste, and time frame. Now is the time to travel and to explore Namibia’s secret corners.

©Markus Frank-Schultz

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