There are many beautiful lodges in Namibia, but Zambezi Mubala Lodge in the Zambezi region (Caprivi) is one I’ll always remember for being something different. With views of the Zambezi River everywhere you look, it’s reminiscent of lodges further downstream at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia, with sunsets, boat cruises, birding and fishing to keep you happy.

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Say the word Namibia to most people and they conjure pictures of deserts and dead trees, of wide open arid landscapes with mauve mountains in the distance. For sure, this is a part of Namibia, but you haven’t experienced all the country has to offer if you don’t venture further north-east into the Zambezi region (what used to be called Caprivi). Here the landscape is totally different, a mosaic of rivers and flood plains, of water birds and water lilies.

To get to Zambezi Mubala Lodge 40km east of Katimo Mulilo in the far north-east of the Zambezi region, drive to Zambezi Mubala Camp, then load your kit into a boat for a 15-20 minute boat ride downstream to the lodge. Programme your GPS to find Zambezi Mubala Camp, not the lodge, because there’s no through-road to the lodge for guests.

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A boat trip along the Zambezi River is always a treat, a chance to see wildlife and enjoy expansive views from the water. This ferry ride goes a bit too fast to really spot any birds properly, but there’s plenty time for that later.

If you love to wrap yourself up in nature and enjoy bird-watching or fishing you’ll be in heaven at Zambezi Mubala Lodge, part of The Gondwana Collection. It’s tucked under tall Natal mahogany, jackalberry, common cluster fig and marula trees on the edge of the river, offering a glut of river views.

©Roxanne Reid

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Writer: Roxanne Reid is a freelance writer, photojournalist, blogger, editor and proofreader. As a travel writer, she has walked through the Kalahari with a San tracker, camped under the stars in the bare stillness of the Richtersveld, and drove along the Roof of Africa in the high mountains of Lesotho. She also enjoyed breakfast in the Okavango Delta with a herd of elephants, walked among the wild horses of the Namib Desert and felt the spray of the Victoria Falls on her face.

What are some other things to do when staying at Zambezi Mubala Lodge? Share some of your favourite experiences if you have visited before.