As a lover of good food, and good coffee, I made a list of my personal favorite breakfast spots in Windhoek to share with you. Although I don’t always eat breakfast, especially when I’m in a rush in the mornings, I do love a hearty egg and bacon breakfast on a toasty winter morning with good friends and family, or a healthy fruit and yoghurt type of breakfast on a summer morning with an orange juice on the side. I am also a huge fan of brunching, because it allows you to avoid the morning rush and is a good opportunity for birthday celebrations, baby showers, or dates with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

There are plenty of restaurant and cafe options in the capital city of Namibia, but when it comes to breakfast, there are a few very special ones that I always give first option to. And don’t get me wrong, a homemade breakfast is probably the best, but having a poached egg on an avo-toast, with a creamy cappuccino on the side is a special little spoil for the soul. Plus, you don’t have to do the dishes afterwards.  In case I missed a really good place in my listing; please leave your suggestions in the comment sections below. I will give them a try as well.

These are my 6 favorite places in Windhoek:

  1. Jonno’s Bistro

Situated inside the Auas-Valley Shopping Centre, Jonno’s Bistro is my longtime favorite place to visit for a delicious breakfast. There are options to sit outside on the open-air patio, and their locally roasted coffee is really good, so is their service. The setting is ideal for bigger groups of people as well and has a modern touch to it that is very inviting for all age groups. The bistro also offers catering for certain requests. Breakfast, brunch, or lunch, make a turn there and try their breakfast, you won’t regret it. I really love Jonno’s for their creativity that is reflected in both their menus and their decorations and when someone suggests breakfast, I always think of Jonno’s first.

© Jonno’s Bistro

  1. Olivia’s Kitchen

Located at the Am Weinberg Estate, Olivia’s Kitchen is a bakery, deli, and coffee shop in one. With a modern twist to their offerings, Olivia’s serve platters, fine-dine breakfast options, healthy meals, and also host a smoothie bar.  Beetroot Lattes, Protein bowls, cleanse juices, or salmon top toast – You will find all the fancy and wonderful breakfast varieties there. An option for every taste bud out there. The best is probably to try your way the entire menu. I first visited Olivia’s Kitchen to find out what everyone was talking about, and honestly it is still a hype for a good reason. As they say, its first about what you see and then about what you eat. They serve art on a plate.

© Credit Wopita

  1. Mugg n Bean

The good, well-known Mugg n Bean has to be on my list, as this is the breakfast spot where the entire family will usually meet up. It is classic with its massive cake displays, the noisy chatter in the background, and habitual coffee drinking and people watching. Although it can become very busy at times, I find myself at Mugg n Bean a lot, ideally located in the malls and luring me in for a coffee break during shopping trips.

© Mugg N Bean

  1. Ferreira’s – The Garden Café

At the back of Ferreira’s Garden Centre you will find the coziest little coffee shop, The Garden Café. After walking past all the different plants, pots and flowers, the coffee shop invites for a sit down with best friends to indulge in a cup of coffee. The occasional cat, pigeons, and playground also provide for the perfect breakfast spot to bring your children along. I love this coffee shop and breakfast location for its secluded space, not being so well-known to many people, and it never being crowded. They have mouthwatering milkshakes.

  1. Krisjan’s Bistro

I don’t know which one I like more: The one in Windhoek or the one in Swakopmund, but Krisjan’s is a must for breakfast spot hunters. You will find it opposite the Delta Kindergarten. Modern, quirky, and famous for its cute dog logo and its hot chocolate balls that dissolve when you pour the hot chocolate into the glass, (it’s a thing, you need to try it), Krisjan’s has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a happy breakfast mood. I haven’t been there in a while, but I surely need to go again soon. Krisjan’s is associated with a lot of modern quirkiness and a relaxed atmosphere, a place that wakes me up in the morning and inspires me throughout the day.

© Where To Eat Namibia

  1. The Lemontree Restaurant

Situated in Liliencron Street, this restaurant is offering a beautiful garden for breakfast, lunch, and caterings for special events. The venue offers fully equipped board rooms for conferences, and a beautiful, tranquil outdoor setting for breakfast lovers. The cake display at the entrance will have you at hello, but be sure to walk on to see the pond and the tables set up outside. I haven’t been to The Lemontree that often, but I love to go there when I am in the neighbor hood. This also the only place where I will order a Rooibos Latte with honey over my usual cup of coffee.

There are plenty more breakfast spots in Windhoek, many of them unexplored by myself, some of them on my list already. Some well visited restaurants and bistros, like Dulcè, Maerua Super Spar, Vintage Café, or Wimpy serve some good breakfast as well, but they are not on my favorites list. Breakfast is the way to my heart and I need time to fully enjoy it.

So if you wake up hungry on a Saturday or Sunday morning or if you are working remotely and have time during the weekdays, do yourself a favor and visit one of my favorites. Have a hot cup of coffee, a breakfast you really like, maybe an omelet, or a fruit and muesli bowl, and start your morning slowly. Windhoek is full of great places and great food just waiting to be explored.

Let’s tick off the breakfast bucket list together and don’t forget to leave a comment, review, or suggestion below

Author – Hi! I am Elke, a born and raised German-Namibian. I love to travel around and explore different cultures and places, but my home country always magically draws me back home again. Oh, and if it involves food, count me in on the adventure.