As the phoenix lays down,

and surrenders it’s daily migration,

rays of light gently caress,

like brushes of an inspired artist,

Mountains, rivers, valley and marble.

Image: by Marko von Dorssen

Image: by Marko von Dorssen

The final destination,

giving birth to beauty,

deep colors of spectrum.

Epic and vast canvass.

The artist of light,

soothing and laying down to rest man and beast.

Image by: William Loyd

Image by: William Loyd

Wandering across horizons,

changing perspectives with each finality.

Only to return as an ever dependable,

Constant yet ever-changing.

This is the nature of the Naukluft.

 namib desert

Burning into minds and eyes,

as generations before have perceived.

Brothers, comrades, fathers.. the fallen.

Thinking of those who will never awake,

the sunset of the ever-changing constant.

namib desert Namib Naukluft Sunset written by Marko Van Dorssen