As a master of all things travelling in the land of the brave, Gondwana Collection Namibia knows precisely how tricky it is to find the perfect honeymoon itinerary with your significant other, considering tight budgets and the idea of getting utterly lost due to love hormones and other distractions. With this in mind, The Cardboard Box Travel Shop designed six self-drive honeymoon packages, with the option to customize each itinerary by incorporating special requirements, different budget ranges, personal ideas, and specific time plans. More time to love, less hassle to plan a tour through Namibia; these packages turned out to be a huge success amongst international and local love bugs.

Here are 6 honey moon packages that might inspire you to finally put a ring on it and pack your car for a road trip of a life time:

  1. The Namibia Honeymoon Package

This seven-day itinerary serves as a basis for starting in Windhoek, and overnighting in the well-known Heinitzburg. It includes a bicycle tour through the city, before getting on the Desert Express Train which takes you to Swakopmund. On the way there, a lunch stop takes place at Okapuka to feed lions and a small stop-over in the desert is also encompassed. At the coast, couples have the opportunity to explore Swakopmund at their own time, and activities are arranged on request.


On the fifth day, a short flight takes you to Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, near the NamibRand Nature Reserve, where you can relish the luxury of traveling, ending off the day with a sundowner excursion. Get lost in the sight of boundless golden dune sand, and have a private picnic under the uninterrupted Namibian horizon. There is an offer to share a hot air balloon flight with the love of your life, which will take your butterflies to another level, while unveiling the charm of this country in front of your eyes. After another night, and a hearty breakfast in bed with a view, a flight is prepared to take you back to Windhoek. That is, unless you would like to continue your honeymoon, of course.

  1. The Diamond Honeymoon Package

If one week is too short, maybe this fourteen-day itinerary suits you better? But be warned, this trip might steal your heart and tempt you to stay in Namibia forever…

After spending a first night in Windhoek, at the ultra-luxurious Olive Exclusive boutique hotel with a private deck pool and a wellness centre, you get to spend two nights at Okanjima & Africat Foundation. At this destination you can witness how the big cats of Namibia are rehabilitated and protected. Spend the evening cuddling around a camp fire, before you go to bed with an overview over a waterhole for the wildlife of the surrounding area. Relax at the pool, while your private chef cooks up a Namibian delectable meal for you. On your fourth day, the itinerary takes you all the way to Gondwana Collection’s newly opened Etosha King Nehale. Get pampered with royalty, witness African heritage at its finest, and spend the afternoon at a secluded, private waterhole, watching elephants and sipping sparkling wine.

©Gondwana Collection Namibia

After hopefully spotting Namibia’s famous wild life in the Etosha National Park, you stay at Ongava, where you can end the day with a romantic outdoor shower for two under the star-rich night sky. From there, the road leads you into Damaraland, and with a change of scenery you arrive at Mowani Mountain Camp, known for being built into massive boulders and being one with nature. Get enchanted on the search for desert elephants and take in the rocky terrain before moving on to the coastal town of Swakopmund. With two nights at The Delight Swakopmund, you can leave sandy footprints where your heart desires, before you drive on to the most luxurious part of the honeymoon.


At Desert Whisper, be prepared to feel all the cheesy feelings in a secluded little luxurious desert pod, where no one will disturb you. Close to Sossusvlei, it will be difficult to leave this up-market accommodation for some activity, but you can save the safari for the Wolwedans Private Camp, where you spend your last two days, before heading back to Windhoek.

  1. The Malachite Honeymoon Package

This mid-range fourteen-day honeymoon itinerary is the most popular package. While being more budget friendly, you still get to see all corners of Namibia in addition to staying in some of Namibia’s best establishments.

Terra Africa Guest House is the first accommodation in Windhoek, before you take on the next day with a three hour drive to Frans Indongo Lodge, in the Waterberg Region. Here you might spot the endangered black rhinos and you can get familiar with the conservation projects of threatened species. On day four, the Andoni Plains at Etosha King Nehale will surprise you with a private plunge pool, the exquisite cuisine of the Oshiwambo culture, and the flat stretch of sun kissed grass land. Game driving activities are not a rarity in this area, as you travel to Etosha Safari Lodge, where more opulence and style awaits you.

©Gondwana Collection Namibia

Dine under the African night sky and enjoy a glass of red wine, while looking out onto the scrub land from the restaurant deck. On the last day of the first week, your itinerary takes you to the famous rock engravings at Twyfelfontein, where you stay at Camp Kipwe for a night, before traveling to the coast. Cape Cross Lodge is known for the large colonies of Cape fur seals, thus it is a special sight. The next two nights at The Delight Swakopmund give you the opportunity to sense some adrenaline on either a sky-diving experience, sand boarding on the highest dunes in the world, deep sea fishing, or kayaking. For some, being in love is more than enough.

If being a dare devil is not so much your thing, the next accommodation will most definitely tickle your fancy. The Desert Grace is the pink jewel of the Namib Desert and allows couples to feel the magic of a honey moon in a modern way.


Take a day trip to Sossusvlei, before you depart to your last accommodation, called Kuangu Kuangu Luxury Cabin. Here, you can rest your soul, and feel loved in privacy, while waking up to a glassed spectacle of the valley. The honeymoon ends with a flight back to Windhoek, but if you would like to end the tour on an adventurous note, you can take your 4×4 car and travel to Windhoek via the Spreetshoogte pass.

  1. The Aquamarine Honeymoon Package

As with all itineraries, these packages can be customized according to your personal needs. As with the Aquamarine Honeymoon Package, you might want to take it “as is”. It’s that good.

River Crossing Lodge is the first accommodation on the outskirts of Windhoek. Fresh and early the next day, your itinerary leads you all the way to the Etosha National Park, where you stay at Etosha Safari Lodge for three nights. In between relaxing and taking in the magical atmosphere of the “place of the legends” you can drive around the park and practice your photography skills “shooting” animals, birds, and some of Namibia’s most famous antelopes. A four hour drive takes you to Spitzkoppe, where you spend two nights at Spitzkoppe Camp.

©Teagan Cunniffe

Day seven takes you all the way to The Desert Grace: Luxury in the middle of the Namib Desert with customer service at its finest and a great adventure driving through Sossusvlei, visiting the Sesriem Canyon, and Namib Naukluft National Park.  If you would like to end your day in a spectacular way, consider booking a hot air balloon flight over the desert before you drive back to Windhoek. This will give you another chance to see the wide expanse of the desert from a bird’s-eye view.

  1. The Tourmaline Honeymoon Package

The Windhoek Luxury Suites welcomes you for your first nights in Namibia. You can walk to the city centre to sit down in a romantic restaurant for dinner or take some time for sightseeing, before getting a good night rest for the trip ahead.

©Windhoek Luxury Suites

This honeymoon package shares the same itinerary as the Diamond Honeymoon Package, with the difference that this itinerary is slightly more budget-friendly. Fourteen days of Namibian beauty gives you two weeks filled with love, adventure, and soul captivating footage for your photo album at home. It is totally understandable at this point that it is difficult to pick just one package, when all of them seem to be an amazing, all inclusive Namibian experience.

Good for you, we have one more package to offer:

  1. The Topaz Honeymoon Package

This is the longest itinerary with twenty days, so if you have time to spare on your honeymoon, why not extend your holiday to see as much as possible of Namibia while you can? The price range differs from luxury to really affordable, creating the perfect mid-budget tour plan for you.

The first day avoids the city of Windhoek and takes you directly to the Gocheganas Nature Reserve, where you can spoil yourself with a massage after a long flight. From there, the road takes you to the south, where Kalahari Anib Lodge waits for you, set out on the red dunes of the Kalahari. The next two days are spent even further south, at the legendary Fish River Canyon. Only 20 kilometers away, is the Canyon Lodge, where you will stay before you travel further South to Lüderitz.


At Kairos Cottage you can feel all the coastal vibes together with stunning architecture throughout the old town.  Walk through the streets hand in hand, book a Catamaran trip to Halifax Island, or visit the ghost town of Kolmanskop. You get to spend the next two days at Eagles Nest Chalets in a secluded cabin, set in stone. This is romance on another level, and you can view the wild horses of the Namib or drive to see the wild flowers. Day 8 takes you back North to Wolwedans Dunes Camp for a picnic or half-day excursion, depending on which you prefer more. Of course you can also throw in a lazy day and just spend time taking in the magnificent desert view. The Desert Grace is the next accommodation, where you can indulge in luxury for two days. You might even forget that you are in the middle of the oldest desert in the world. After the heat, the tour goes all the way to Swakopmund, a small old-colonial town at the coast, where the temperature changes from hot to refreshingly misty. Spending two days at each accommodation on this itinerary gives you ample time to explore the area without feeling hurried.

The last week starts in Damaraland, at Camp Kipwe, followed by two nights at Etosha Safari Lodge just outside the Etosha National Park. The last two days are spend near Omaruru, at the Erongo Wilderness Lodge, where you can take in Namibia’s nature one more time on a guided walk or drive, before the honeymoon ends and you drive back to Windhoek.

©Gondwana Collection Namibia

Whether it is for a week, for two weeks, or only for a couple of days, Charles Schultz said that “In life, it is not where you go; it is who you travel with.” Although we fully agree with that quote, one cannot deny that a honeymoon self-drive tour through Namibia will change your life forever; in fact some people claim that Africa stole their heart. Isn’t that romantic?

Author – Hi! I am Elke, a born and raised German-Namibian. I love to travel around and explore different cultures and places, but my home country always magically draws me back home again. Oh, and if it involves food, count me in on the adventure.