A day to day blog about Dave and Jill Carroll and their Namibian road trip impressions along their trip through Namibia with the Professors and the Gondwana team.


Guitars in hand we walked down the road to the site of the newest
addition to the Gondwana Collection, The Delight.

Jamming at the Delight

Dave Carrol, Richard and The Professors shooting for the scenes for the video at ‘The Delight’

We strolled through Swakopmund, barterred at the African market, and after a video shoot on the beach we had a mouth watering cake sharing session at the oldest coffee shop. Back on the seemingly endless road we had a classic ‘hitch hiking’ shoot.

The Professors catching a ride on the Gondwana train!

The Professors catching a ride on the Gondwana train!

The Professors and Dave Carroll also had the special privilege of avery cultural once-in-a-lifetime singing and trading with a Himba and Herero tribe.

Playing music with the Himba tribes

The team having fun with the Himba tribes.

The day wouldn’t be complete without sundowners and the nearest spot we could find at sunset was a local shebeen. We even saw the cattle come home and Dave experienced a traditional donkey car ride. Today Dave also learnt how to say thank you in Afrikaans, “baie dankie”, and the way he remembered this was ‘bye-a-donkey’ which he cleverly used after his donkey car ride.

Bye - a - donkey

Bye – a – donkey

We arrived at Damara Mopane Lodge and after yet another lovely meal the musicians entertained us around the bonfire.


We arrived at Etosha Safari Lodge to a wonderful welcome by all the staff singing the Gondwana song.

Etosha Safari Lodge and Gondwana

The Etosha Safari Team singing the Gondwana song

After a delicious lunch we went on a game drive and saw the majestic Elephants at the first water hole. Plenty of Springbok, Oryx, a few Giraffes, Jackal and Ostrich were seen.

Etosha National Park

Giraffes in the Etosha National Park

At another water hole lions had killed a giraffe 3 days prior. The now pot bellied lions lazily guarded their kill and the Brownbacked Jackal where desperately tempting fate for a bite but where just too afraid to risk it. On our way back we were lucky to spot the very rare site of the Brown hyena. The Professors, Dave Carroll, Richard Redecker and the Etosha boys ensured a magical night with their entertainment around the fire. Guests joined in and we all danced and sang the night away. Manfred Werner once again captured the magical moments on camera for the making of the Gondwana video production.

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Dave Carroll has been invited as a speaker on customer service at the ‘The Power of one voice’ event. To find out more : follow the link ‘The Power of one voice’

Dave Carroll and the power of one voice

The power of one voice

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