I’ve been to Namibia more than 30 times and I still love it and want to go again. It’s so diverse, with deserts, rivers and floodplains, wildlife big and small, spectacular landscapes, a place that touches your soul. People often ask me for my tips on Namibia, so here’s my pick of places to visit and things to do in Namibia: south and central:

  1. Fish River Canyon and Ai-Ais National Park

See Namibia’s spectacular 160km long and 27km wide Fish River Canyon, which starts in the Naukluft Mountains and ends in the Ai-Ais National Park. Its deepest point is 549m.

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2. Explore the Ai-Ais National Park

To explore the national park further and enjoy some of its uncompromising desert mountain scenery, spend a night at the hot springs at Ai-Ais or at the Hobas campsite. This is a Transfrontier Park with the Richtersveld over the border in South Africa.

3. Visit the Canyon Roadhouse

Don’t miss stopping at the Canyon Roadhouse on your way to the Fish River Canyon. You can have a drink or a meal here (even sleep over in the lodge or the campsite) but the highlight are the posters, memorabilia and old cars in the barnlike structure and some rusting hulks in the grounds outside. Petrol-heads will love it.

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4. Fly in a hot air balloon

Hot-air ballooning at dawn is a surreal and soulful experience. Look down on animals like gemsbok, springbok and ostrich, as well as fairy circles. It comes at a hefty price but remains one of our best-ever experiences so if you can scrape together the cash you won’t be sorry.

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Choices, choices right? Hence, do take time out to enjoy the south and central Namibia.

Writer: Roxanne Reid is a freelance writer, photojournalist, blogger, editor and proofreader. As a travel writer, she has walked through the Kalahari with a San tracker, camped under the stars in the bare stillness of the Richtersveld, and drove along the Roof of Africa in the high mountains of Lesotho. She also enjoyed breakfast in the Okavango Delta with a herd of elephants, walked among the wild horses of the Namib Desert and felt the spray of the Victoria Falls on her face. So, please do enjoy her complete blog by clicking here: South and central Namibia.

What are some other things to do in the south and central of Namibia? Share some of your favourite experiences in the comment section below.