So, you just got hitched, or simply long for a romantic getaway with your better half, and Namibia ranks high on your list of potential destinations. But with an area of 825,419 square kilometres comprised of enticingly beautiful landscapes, you might need some recommendations to help you plan your experience.

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Namibia is an enormous country and the admin behind your journey can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.You can book your entire stay with Gondwana Collection through the online Gondwana store, which means all your bookings are done in one place. Gondwana has properties in all corners of the country, each with a character of its own. For endless pampering, adventure and exclusivity, take a look at the selection of lodges below.

Desert Whisper

The mysteriously shaped Desert Whisper (or the Pod) inspired by the !Nara plant is a retreat for two and sits atop a rocky mountain outcrop in the Gondwana Namib Park. The desert, untouched and unpretentious, woos every soul who sets foot on its bare sands.This is the desert that is renowned for capturing hearts, and setting them free,in perfect harmony. It sings a song only audible to those who are willing to tune in to the art of listening to silence – the silence of a land that vibrates with stories of ancient nomadic wanderers and its indigenous and endemic animal species.

This ultimate escape beckons travellers in love who yearn to veer off the tourist-trodden tracks. No ticket to the moon is required. But accommodation on your own planet is totally possible.


Forget about time as you saunter down the wooden walkway to relax in the splash pool, or if you decide to wander out of your shell, explore the ancient sands on a dune drive in the morning or in the evening. Slow down in a lower gear with an exploratory cycle on an e-bike. For tuning in to the whispering winds, take a self-guided walk of either 3-, 5- or 7 kilometres through the golden grass. End off all the activities with a drink on the crest of a dune as the Naukluft Mountains take on the rosy sunset hues.

The Namib Desert ranks among one of the best places in the world for stargazing as there is minimal light pollution. This means that romantic, starlit dinners or after-dinner drinks are the order of the day.

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Namushasha River Villa in the Zambezi Region

Sometimes in life one needs to switch off engines and weigh anchor. There is no better place to do this than at the Namushasha River Villa– the epitome of life in the “no-wake zone”. Tucked between the reeds in a channel of the Kwando River is the intimate double-decker hideout for two.This is not the average houseboat experience. It is wrapped in luxury with the game-rich Bwabwata National Park across the river. Enjoy quality time alone, just you and your loved one with unspoiled views and the resident wildlife keeping you company.


Once you are at Namushasha River Lodge, a driver will meet you to take you to your private floating condo. After he leaves, your only contact with the outside world is by radio. If you want to explore the lush green region, enjoy a private game drive and meal in the Bwabwata National Park where you will meet many endemic animal species. Thereafter it is time to pour yourself a drink and recharge your camera for the sunset show where spectacular colours dance in the sky, every movement and changing hue reflecting in the water. Sunsets on the Kwando River offer double the enchantment.

Keep an eye out for the African jacana that walks from waterlily to waterlily. Sometimes it seems as if it is walking on water, granting it the nickname of the“Jesus bird”. Listen to the call of the fish eagle as you relax on the deck, book in one hand, a drink in the other. Over 400 bird species are found here and avid birdwatchers will seldom be caught without their binoculars.

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The Delight Swakopmund

We recommend The Delight as your base for an adventurous romantic getaway. This chic hotel with its fun interior is centrally located and offers the best breakfast buffets. Start the day with a hearty meal, of which the highlight for many is the champagne and ocean-fresh oysters. After you have fuelled up, head out for some adventure. The charming staff at reception will be pleased to help you with recommendations and bookings.

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The tumultuous Atlantic Ocean passionately embraces the Namib Desert on the southwestern edge of Africa. This is a sight to behold – a kin to two lovers who differ like day and night, yet cannot be imagined apart. What many might not know is how the sand dunes were formed a couple of million years ago… a number that will never fit onto a “Happy Anniversary” card. The sand, erosional debris from the Drakensberg Mountains, was carried down the Gariep/Orange River into the Atlantic Ocean and dumped along the western coastline.However, persistent south-westerly winds brought the sand back into the interior that over millions of years formed huge dune fields.

This enigmatic playground offers dreamers a place in the sun, and adventurers a place to get their adrenaline fix. If adventure is your thing, Swakopmund is the place to be.

What will it be? Skydiving to become a witness to the Atlantic and the Namib’s intimate relationship? Or a scenic flight perhaps? Kayaking amongst seals and dolphins? Sandboarding, fat-biking, a tour to Sandwich Harbour or hot air ballooning?

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Of course, the list above is not exhaustive, but merely an introduction to the exclusive Secret Collection for much sought-after solitude, as well as an adventure-filled coastal breakaway in the activity hub of the country.

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Etosha King Nehale – Opening on 1st May 2020. Bookings can already be made online.

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Namib Desert

The Desert Grace – perhaps spend a night or two here before heading to the Desert Whisper.

En route to the south

Kalahari Anib Lodge – you will want to stay more than just one night, perhaps on your way to or from the south.

The deep south

Eagle’s Nest Chalets near Aus–the perfect stopover for a trip to the deep south.

Canyon Lodge – another picture-perfect stop in the south

Have Namibia’s landscapes, people and wildlife won your heart? Tell us your love story with Namibia in the comments below.

Annelien Robberts is an avid wordsmith who turns her pen to all things travel, culture, and lifestyle. She was born in a small town called Otjiwarongo and grew up on a farm nearby. Creativity, nature and animals make her happy.