Put foot – a phrase that has often been associated with driving and traveling – has taken on a whole new meaning with the Put Foot Rally. This unique and exciting rally has been an annual event since 2011 and has offered its participants the ideal opportunity to experience southern Africa in a way it hasn’t been experienced before.

Put Foot Rally Route

Put Foot Rally Route (Source: http://www.putfootrally.com/theroute)

The rally will kick off once again, starting on 19 June 2016. The crews will leave Cape Town and eventually, in 18 days, end their journey in Mozambique. Contrary to the traditional meaning of the term, this rally is in no way a race. The aim of participation is to learn about and experience the five countries you’re traveling through. Heading north from Cape Town, crews will move through Namibia, head into Zambia, make their way through Malawi and end in Mozambique. However this is not a set route, crews and teams can follow any route they wish as long as they arrive at the five set check points along the way. Why this exciting and different form of rally tickled our fancy is because the route through Namibia stretches from the Orange River in the south, all the way to the Caprivi, in the north.

We took the liberty of looking into the whole business of the rally, and find it to be an incredibly exciting and different way to experience Namibia, as well as all the countries along the routes. On top of this not being a race, there are no set requirements for your vehicle, other than the obvious legal aspects. Crews and teams that partake in this interesting trip fall into categories, which are determined by the cars they use to enter the race. These include:

Vintage Class

Vintage class - rights to Put Foot Rally

Vintage class – rights to Put Foot Rally

Just-a-car Class

Just-a-car class - rights to Put Foot Rally

Just-a-car class – rights to Put Foot Rally

SUV / 4×4 Class

SUV 4x4 Class - Rigths to Put Foot Rally

SUV 4×4 Class – Rigths to Put Foot Rally

RV / Minivan / Camper Class

RV Minivan Camper class - put foot rally

RV Minivan Camper class – put foot rally

Motorcycle Class

Motorcycle class - put foot rallyy

Motorcycle class – put foot rallyy

Specialty Class

SPECIALITY class - put foot rally

SPECIALITY class – put foot rally

These classes were designed to be all inclusive, to allow the teams and crews to get as creative and inventive as possible, and also to prove that you do not need a specific type of car to travel the African continent. All you need is a good vibe and a determined group of people. Of course there are certain things to keep in mind when picking your car (bought or hired): You will be traveling in Africa and doing trips through the Etosha National Park, you may need to think about lion proofing your car, windows and doors are a definite must.

Another component of the Put Foot Rally is charity. One of the main focuses is offering young children the opportunity to get school shoes! Last year a school close to the Etosha National Park was given school shoes and socks and this year will follow similar suit. Another big part of their project is nature conservation and through this project large amounts of funds have been raised and given to the Project Rhino and the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage.

shoes+on+feet - put foot rally

shoes+on+feet – put foot rally

One of the entry-requirements for individuals and teams is the ‘legend’ aspect. Africa, as we know, is filled with legends…elephants, lions, rhino and the people who surround these incredible beasts. The Put Foot Rally wants entered teams and crews to embrace this, to be legends and join the countless explorers who came before them. The Gondwana Collection often speaks of the Legends of Etosha, the wise elephants who gave themselves to nature to ensure the survival of others. This is an opportunity to join the great ancestral legends that came before us and dive into Namibia, Africa head first.

nature conservation - put foot rally

nature conservation – put foot rally

For more information on the Put Foot Rally, visit their website. If you would like to see what these crazy crews get up to during the rally, visit the website’s Video Vault for all the wild and wacky moments. And if the timing doesn’t work for you, you can always set up your own version of the rally following this route:

Put Foot Rally Namibia Route

Put Foot Rally Namibia Route

Call it the Namibia Route and experience this glorious corner of the globe on your own terms. There are countless sights to see and moments to enjoy in Namibia. Are you brave enough to take the opportunity presented?

If you have travelled through Namibia or would like to take up the opportunity, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.