To me, the most amazing thing about Namibia is the people. They are simultaneously warm and friendly, and oftentimes a handful too, just as in any other family or community. Hence, the awe-inspiring landscapes, clear skies and starry nights of Namibia are incomplete without the distinctive character of its colourful people.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

So, here’s why I think you too would love people from Namibia and hopefully glean from their way of life as you gaze or interact with them while you travel through Namibia to make your way to our Gondwana Lodges for an Etosha experience.

A strong sense of family

Namibians have a bond like no other, where family is not merely restricted to blood relatives. Where neighbours residing in a street are fused together and take care of one another. Where people take turns to look after each other’s children, and through it all the children unknowingly become sisters and brothers and so this cycle continues.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

Amazing hosts

Namibians effortlessly welcome you into their families and ensure that you have all the essential cosiness to make your stay pleasant, enjoy the best experiences and feel right at home with what they have to offer.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni


Namibians love diversity and allow others to be different, believing that it is okay to love and care about those who aren’t like them. Hence, they enjoy the presence of someone new because it serves as an opportunity to learn a new skill or continue developing an existing one.

Love to celebrate

Festivities are not only reserved for immense achievements or holidays, but also for the sight of a new visitor. And it creates a chance to show off a new dance move, break out in song and laughter or even cook a traditional delicacy.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

Tolerate one another’s cultures

Namibia has a melting pot of cultures and this too permits people from a variety of backgrounds to communicate and share a table or a word together.This therefore crafts an occasion to learn about one another and to value that which makes us all unique. Therefore, regardless of your culture, you’ll surely feel at home here.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

So, while you discover Namibia, I hope that you will enjoy the diversity and special qualities of Namibian people that you interact with.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

What do you love most about Namibian people? If you have visited before, share some of your favourite Namibian experiences in the comment section below.

Author –  I’m Nela, from Windhoek Namibia but born in a small village called Omatunda in northern Namibia. I am passionate about writing, research and photography, as it helps me gain knowledge about people and my country.