As soon as we saw a photo on social media of the Rock Arch at Spitzkoppe, we were 100% sure we had to go there as well during our Namibia tour. Deep red-colored rocks, an impressive mountain statue in the background and a turquoise sky that stands out perfectly against all those orange-red colors. That couldn’t possibly disappoint us and in the end it didn’t!

From Swakopmund, where we slept for two days, we packed our rental car and within two hours we drove into the impressive island mountain called Spitzkoppe. 700 meters high, the peaks towered over the surrounding landscape and man… how cool it was to drive along the rugged dirt road towards all those mountains!

Rock Arch Spitzkoppe

When you travel through Namibia you will soon notice that there are a lot of German tourists travelling around. That is not very strange when you consider that Namibia was once a German colony. The colonial era has left its mark on several places in the country and also at Spitzkoppe. The name originates from the German language and the mountains got it because of the pointed heads of the rocks. In addition to the name Spitzkoppe, the mountain landscape has also been given another nickname because of its shapes, and that is the Matterhorn of Namibia.

Spitzkoppe map

If you plan on travelling through Namibia, or have Namibia on your bucket-list, do yourself a favor and add Spitzkoppe to the must-see destinations within the country. To read Roëlls‘entire blog post on visiting Spitzkoppe in Namibia, follow this link.

Rock Arch Spitzkoppe

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