In light of our recently launched Snapshot Photo Competition we would like to share some of the pictures with you that have been voted for most so far!

The aim of the competition is to receive delightful images in and around Swakopmund.

You can enter in 4 different categories in 2 difficulty levels (Amateur and Professional)

The categories are as follows :

Outdoor Activities: In this category we would like to receive pictures of outdoor activities in and around Swakopmund. Whether it is running down the dunes, surfing, quad biking or a nice camel ride through the desert.

Culinary Delights: What and where to eat in Swakopmund. That is what we want! Send us pictures of the best culinary experiences you have had in Swakopmund. The most relaxing coffee, the most original breakfast or the freshest seafood!

Emotional Connections: Of all our emotions, delight is the most beautiful to capture in a picture. We want to see your most emotional, delightful images while you are experiencing Swakopmund and all it has to offer!

Atlantic impressions: Anything that has impressed you when at sea or on the beach. Such as a beautiful sunset, the visit from a seal on your boat or a dolphin sighting. We want to see which moments at sea have delighted you!


If you would like to submit your image, or vote for one of the other images, just follow this link: to the facebook page. Please note that you need to be logged into Facebook to be able to cast your vote.

You do not have Facebook? Then simply send your image to

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