The Pros and cons of traveling solo in Namibia:


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You can go wherever you want and eat whatever you want without asking someone else or having to change your mind to make someone else happy.


There is no one to share a beautiful moment or a bottle of wine with. There is also no one to blame if a plan goes haywire and no one to support you when you encounter a difficult situation.


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You have a better opportunity to make new friends.


People will see you for what you are: a solo traveler. Strangers might not bond with you that easily as you give the impression you want to be alone.


Image by: Michael Bonocore

Image by: Michael Bonocore


You are free to take as many photos without somebody complaining that your photography habits are wasting their time.


You are not in a lot of photos and are obliged to constantly ask strangers to take photos of you. (I guess this is where the selfie stick comes in handy)


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Traveling alone is a great opportunity to reflect on your life and make space in your head.


Reflection usually comes with digging deep within your heart and your head. When loneliness sets in, there is no one to talk to.



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When traveling with friends, you are often in a situation where you have to take part in activities that are beyond your budget. As a solo traveler, you can stick to your budget and you have your room to yourself.


Single supplements are usually much more expensive as appose to sharing. The costs of items such as maps and guide books or fuel and other costs when traveling by car will be on your own expense. There is no one to reminisce with before bed about the days adventures.


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When in a foreign country and you don’t have any or a lot of knowledge of the language spoken, it is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics.


When in a foreign country and you don’t have a lot of knowledge of the language, you will start missing the ability to have a conversation with someone in your own language.


planning the routeLast but not least, and I don’t think there is a Pro to this. Safety! Traveling alone can be challenging and, especially if you are a woman, not very safe. The best way to deal with this is to try blend in with the locals. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings by making sure you know where the hospitals and police stations are located. Try to keep a copy of emergency numbers of the area at hand.

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