Most people prefer to rather travel during summer season to fully enjoy our beautiful country, but Namibia has an amazing range of lodges to offer to those, who just can’t resist their travel itch during the colder days. But going somewhere else for a weekend getaway doesn’t have to be uncomfortable during winter. You just need to choose the right destination to travel to.

For all Gondwana lovers and followers, we have a new Facebook page called Gondwana Destinations, highlighting all the amazing locations, activities, and special experiences that await our guests. I personally also prefer to travel during summer, but the right lodge in the right area of Namibia makes all the difference for an enjoyable trip.

Here are my 5 recommendations for your next winter getaway. Remember, winter is still with us for a while. Why not make use of this opportunity?

  1. The Desert Grace

Situated between Solitaire and Sesriem, The Desert Grace shares its pink colours and warm hospitality with every single guest, who walks past the wooden beams of the centre sculpture to the reception, entering the lodge. Known for the Namib Desert heat, the lodge is well equipped to stand the heat of the summer. But as hot as it can get, it can be just as freezing cold in winter.  There is a cozy fireplace in the lounge area, ensuring all guests stay toasty warm, while having a glass of red wine to warm up and sharing magical moments with each other. The rooms are equipped with heaters and warm bedding to provide a warm sleep and sweet dreams of a Namibian winter wonderland of its own kind. Have a hot cup of tea or coffee, while wrapped in a warm blanket, on the lounge beside the pool to capture the wild sunrise of the land of the brave and indulge in a one-of-its-kind stargazing moment. One specific factor that contributes to a heart-warming stay at The Desert Grace is the big windows in the rooms that face west and allow the sun to warm up the interior of the room.

©World’s Best Places-Wbpstars

©World’s Best Places-Wbpstars

  1. Palmwag Lodge and Camp

As the Palmwag area consists out of an open-plan, wide space next to the Uniab river, the lodge can experience cooler winter evenings. In this case, travelers can seek out the tall wood-burning heaters that are placed between the dining room and the lounge and ensure that warmth is spread throughout the entire building for all the guests’ comfort. The landscape is known to be dry and covered in rocks and stones, instead of sand as with The Desert Grace, but the rooms are just as cozy. Very natural and typical Namibian, the Palmwag conservancy offers an excellent winter retreat for anyone, who wants to be away from crowded civilization for a few days. A romantic getaway for two would be the perfect opportunity to visit Palmwag Lodge and Camp and drink hot chocolate while watching Jimbo, the wild elephant, pay a visit to the lodge.

©Gondwana Collection Namibia

  1. Eagle’s Nest Chalets

A little bit different to other Gondwana lodges, Eagle’s Nest Chalets is part of Klein Aus-Vista and offers self-catering chalets, which are built into rounded granite boulders. Offering breathtaking views, this private getaway destination is ideal for getaway in winter, where one wants to put the feet up and forget about the daily work routine for a while. Even in winter, or especially in winter, Eagle’s Nest Chalets give you the opportunity to explore Namibia privately, cooking delicious meals in the kitchen or on the fire, and dine in peaceful quietness. This little piece of timeless winter hibernation is a top choice for everyone, who would like to travel to the South of Namibia in winter for a hot cup of love on the verandah, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the wild horses that roam in the near surroundings.

©Markus Frank-Schultz

  1. Canyon Roadhouse

The Canyon Roadhouse is probably the most well known quirky location near the Fish River Canyon, and that for a reason. Everyone, who visited the Roadhouse, knows it is characterized by the old wheelers that are scattered all over the property and trigger nostalgic memories as well as fun and adventurous opportunities to explore the Canyon area. If it is not a slice of the legendary Amarula cheesecake that warms a visitor’s heart, it will be the feeling of the good old days with friends. The Roadhouse has the capacity to accommodate a limited number of guests, meaning the location gives off a congenial atmosphere and is perfect for a fun but cozy winter getaway for a couple of days.

©Markus Frank-Schultz

©Markus Frank-Schultz

  1. Etosha King Nehale

The newly opened Gondwana Collection lodge, Etosha King Nehale, is the perfect combination of luxurious and traditional touches that make up a suitable winter destination to explore the wide range of animals in the Etosha National Park. The big boma in the middle of the lodge property represents the traditional fire place, where the Aawambo people meet at night to share their stories, and offers warmth for many guests at the same time, while offering a comfortable and stylish area to sit around the fire after dinner. The rooms are spacious and offer the relaxation everyone deserves once in a while, with beautiful leopard blankets, hot showers in a royal bathroom, and golden sunsets that warm up the Andoni Plains every day.

©Shawn van Eeden

If any of these destinations sparked a winter interest in you, or inspired you to travel this winter still, I extend warm greetings to you and wish you a wonderful stay. Please leave a comment in the section below if you have your own personal favourite Gondwana winter destination.

Winters in Namibia might be freezing cold, but the one thing that lights up a fire in every Namibian’s soul is to be able to travel around to see this beautiful country from every angle, and for that, every cold night in a new location is absolutely worth it.

Author – Hi! I am Elke, a born and raised German-Namibian. I love to travel around and explore different cultures and places, but my home country always magically draws me back home again. Oh, and if it involves food, count me in on the adventure.