Who doesn’t love and appreciate a quality photo, which tells a unique story without words? – The kind of photo that brings out unexpected emotions, that leaves one intrigued and imagining what it would feel like to be in that moment, on the back of a camel, experiencing the magnificence of the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert.

Rights to Swakopmund Camel Farm

Before thinking of booking a holiday, we google photos of potential destinations or stalk our favourite travel bloggers’ social media pages – so guilty! You do need to plan where to capture those beautiful photos because your cousin Ndeshi, won’t believe that you have been to Sossusvlei without the photos to prove it. – And prove it you will!

Rights to Kisforkani

Don’t fret about where to take your next best Instagram-able photo. Here are clues on where to capture amazing shots close to our lodges:

On your way to the Canyon lodges, make a photo stop at the Quiver Tree Forest and climb or sit on some rocks at Giant’s Playground, just a few kilometres outside of Keetmanshoop.

Rights to Anouchka Boiteux

When staying at the Roadhouse, Canyon Village or Canyon Lodge be sure to book the Canyon Drive to experience and learn about the captivating geological formation of the Fish River Canyon. Or enjoy a sundowner drive in the Gondwana Canyon Park andlet someone get a snap of you as you lift up the dead trunk of an Aloe Dichotoma tree: you did it! You conquered the day and numerous challenges in your life! Okay, the trunk is hollow and not heavy at all, but who said you have to “say something about this photo” when it speaks for itself?

Rights to Jens Viëtor

Explore the red sand and fossilised dunes at the Namib Desert Lodge and don’t miss out on breath-taking photo opportunities. Go on a day trip to Deadvlei or get a special permit to stay after sunset to produce some star photography.

Rights to Anouchka Boiteux

At the Etosha Safari Camp, you shouldn’t miss out on a few snapshots in our quirky Oshebeena bar or Okambashu restaurant while you enjoy the sounds of our in-house band, the Etosha Safari Boys – who happen to be very photogenic.

Rights to Röder

Get a stellar shot of that giraffe or lazy lion you had to wait over an hour for to wake up in the Etosha National Park. This ought to turn your friends at home green with envy.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

The mokoros (dug-out boats) at Hakusembe River Lodge, on the banks of the Kavango River, make the perfect illustration for a great story to tell your friends.

Rights to Gondwana Collection Namibia

While you enjoy your morning coffee or tea on Chobe River Camp’s deck, capture a dazzling photo of the herd of cows orZebras grazing across the Chobe River.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

As you unwind on a boat cruise at the Zambezi Mubala Lodge and take in the beauty of the Zambezi River, you will most probably come across a myriad of Carmine Bee-eaters. So, stop and shoot a spectacular photo of these colourful birds.

Rights to Gondwana Collection Namibia

Enjoy a boat cruise at the Namushasha River Lodge and catch hippos trying to dunk into the Kwando River because they need a little bit of privacy from the paparazzi, or get an action photo of elephants tackling each other World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) style in the river as they cool themselves off on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Rights to Johann Louw

Also visit the Namushasha Heritage centre for a cultural experience and,of course…some more photos.

Rights to Nela Shikemeni

We all have that one photographer in the family and be sure not to leave him/ her at home! – You need photos to post after all. But remember to enjoy the experience beyond selfies, snapshots and social media and take the time to simply immerse yourself in the moment, without filter or likes.

What other photographic places in Namibia come to mind? How about sharing some of your photos? Let us know by sharing your story or photo in the comment section below.

Author –  I’m Nela, from Windhoek Namibia but born in a small village called Omatunda in northern Namibia. I am passionate about writing, research and photography, as it helps me gain knowledge about people and my country.