So, when was the last time you dusted off that suitcase to fill it with special travel essentials, switched off your digital gadgets, or pushed pause on your routine to go away to an unfamiliar destination? Think about it … if it has been a while then Namibia possibly could be that new unfamiliar destination to visit. Picture basking in the sun whilst lying at the pool at the Canyon Lodge, or being swept away by the stunning vistas surrounding the Eagle’s Nest Chalets. Perhaps the simplicity of exploring spacious rugged and soft landscapes complemented by clear blue skies is just what you need to rejuvenate your soul.

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Going away is always incredible and allows you to experience some of the following benefits:

Enriches creativity

Discovering new environments, soaking up different aromas, sights, tastes, echoes and languages often sparks creativity. These new experiences out of one’s comfort zone often lead to perspective shifts and are a great opportunity for developing open-mindedness. Interaction with local Namibians and being fully immersed in their culture could trigger inspiration for that project you have been working on or get you to finally start writing that poetry book.

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Strengthens bonds

Travelling with others can often be challenging as individuals have their peeves regarding preferred activities while exploring a new destination. However, these preferences could often teach people to be open-minded and to compromise. As there is often anxiety linked to experiencing new destinations, travelling allows for opportunities to depend on one another.

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Relieves stress

Are you too busy even to grab a cup of coffee with a friend, or to put those culinary skills to use to cook a delicious dinner, or to go hiking? Are you frazzled because of all that you have not ticked off on your to-do-list? If so, a vacation to Namibia would include ample free time from your daily responsibilities, which would permit you to be fascinated by wildlife in the Bwabwata National Park close the Namushasha River Lodge or to appreciate views of the Zambezi River close to the Zambezi Mubala Lodge. In addition, the process of planning a holiday is coupled with anticipation, which eases your stress.

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Enhances physical health

No one wants to come to Namibia to just settle in their room at one of the Gondwana Lodges. Your holiday here is a great opportunity to spend time immersed in nature. You could hike in the Gondwana Canyon Park, marvel at the magnificence of the Fish River Canyon, or experience the Namib Desert on foot and on an E-Bike tour while staying at The Desert Grace.There are many action-packed adventures to appreciate with the added bonus of keeping your body in good shape.

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It is time to get out of your comfort zone and explore Namibia’s breathtaking scenery as you reap the benefits of travelling.

Also, do not forget to use the next long weekend in May to stay at the Gondwana Lodges.

What other benefits have you experienced through travelling?

Author –  I’m Nela, from a small village called Ongha in Namibia. I am intrigued by research, writing and photography as it is an ideal way to gain knowledge about people and the world. And of course… to share it too!