We all have our preferred choices when it comes to going on holiday; some prefer to lounge at the pool with a good read, while others would rather hike through the Fish River Canyon. No matter what your individual holiday style is, the vast and unique landscapes of this stunning country offer many possibilities for exhilarating experiences.

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Below are a variety of experiences that Namibia has to offer:

Are you up for a morning coffee on the Chobe River Camp’s deck, while simultaneously taking in the breath-taking scene of zebras that graze right across the river? Is unwinding on a boat cruise along the Zambezi River more up your alley, and basking in the sun for a little while. If you agree, then a Zambezi Experience is just for you.

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Perhaps the Damaraland Experience in mopane woodland appears to be more intriguing? The area is home to the Damara people and is where Twyfelfontein, famous for its ancient rock engravings, is situated. A holiday here will take you back in time for a while.

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If a fresh breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and the feeling of velvet sand under your feet is what you need after your time in Damaraland, the Swakopmund Experience is worthwhile. With historical buildings, quirky cafés and restaurants, or a day trip to Walvis Bay for a Mola Mola Safaris ‘marine dolphin cruise’ with pelicans stealing so much needed attention or seals hopping aboard for a quick ‘hello’ – the coast just makes perfect sense! And seeing where the Namib Desert meets the ocean is so magical.

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Are you travelling to the south soon? Then a Kalahari Experience is an essential stopover for a day or two. It is where sociable weaver nests hover on camelthorn trees – nature’s apartment blocks. It is where you can view a myriad of animals and birds on a game drive or simply enjoy the magnificence of the Kalahari Desert on an e-bike or, better yet, on foot.


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Maybe exploring the red sand and fossilised dunes of the Namib Desert is that much better? And a day trip to the celebrated Sossusvlei and Deadvlei is a worthwhile excursion. Night brings its own magic with a display of stars. So, no matter the time of day, there is always something to enjoy during your Namib Desert Experience.

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If you are eager to learn more about the captivating geological formations of the Fish River Canyon… then a Fish River Canyon Experience is just what your soul desires. It is a pristine and rugged environment where hillsides are bedecked with Quiver trees and Karas Euphorbia succulents. The canyon is considered both a photographer’s and hiker’s haven.

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Perhaps a sight of wild horses manoeuvring in search for their nourishment could be an interesting experience to inspire that sense of freedom you have been yearning for. Then certainly, an Aus Mountain Experience would be suitable for this. Also, as you untangle a little from some fatigue, you could run into the new addition to the family, a little foal.

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There are so many experiences to pick from to suit your unique travel desires. So why wait any longer? But, before making your choice, have a peak at other experiences and Namibia Outdoor activities too.

What are some of your favourite experiences in Namibia? What are some of the future experiences you wish to enjoy in this country? Please share with us in comment section below.

Author –  I’m Nela, from Windhoek Namibia but born in a small village called Omatunda in northern Namibia. I am passionate about writing, research and photography, as it helps me gain knowledge about people and my country.