National Parks are widely spread throughout Namibia and the Bwabwata National Park is only one of the twenty covering seventeen percent of the country’s land surface. It also serves as an essential migration route for animals between Angola, Botswana and Zambia. Certainly,this park’s natural beauty coupled with animals roaming freely makes it sought after by many visitors.

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I have a feeling that you are one of the soon-to-be visitors to the Bwabwata National Park, and here’s why you need to ensure it is on that Namibian-adventure bucket list:

  • What is the origin of the name?

Isn’t there always something special about an intriguing name… that we all yearn to unearth? Well, Bwabwata refers to the sound of bubbling water, and it is suitable to its setting close to the Kwando and Okavango Rivers.

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  • Is it really that stunning?

Oh yes, it is! Set charmingly among Camel-Thorn, Zambezi Teak, Jackal-Berry, Mangosteen, Knob Thorn trees to mention but a few. With light wind blowing against the African bushes and calming sounds of the Kwando River to the east where an abundance of water lilies can be seen. Additionally, it is flattered by animals that seem to delight in late afternoon walks flanked by their families in search for their daily nourishment.

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  • Where is it located and how vast is it precisely?

The park is can be found in the north east of Namibia, in the Zambezi and Kavango East regions. It is 6,274km² in size including the Mahango core area and lies between the Okavango and Kwando Rivers, in the Zambezi Strip.

  • How do I actually make my way there?

With a Namibia2Go rental vehicle of course, which is simultaneously affordable and comfortable to fully enjoy the journey to the national park. Perhaps you can add a few additional stopovers to make this adventure even more thrilling!

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  • Where should I stay? Choices, choices…

Gondwana Collection has you covered with Namushasha River Lodge that is within close proximity to the national park. This lodge is only an exquisite welcome to this utopia amid the lush green trees and endless opportunities to enjoy sights of the Kwando River.

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  • What are some animals to look out for?

The national park boasts a myriad of bird species, the heard of elephants along the Okavango and Kwando riverbanks, hippos minding their own business as they play hide and seek in the river,

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while red lechwes manoeuvre close to the lush green wetlands.

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Or the crocodiles you may need to gaze at from afar and the giraffe that rather prefers solitude and hides amongst tree twigs.

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– There are many more animals to see and I shouldn’t spoil it for you by mentioning them all.

  • What activities are there to delight in?

While staying at the Namushasha River Lodge, you can enjoy the cultural diversity of the local community at the Namushasha Heritage Centre, or go on a game drive within the national park that is paired with a boat transfer to your game vehicle,

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or how do you feel about an early morning or afternoon boat cruise that takes you along the river channel with the ultimate bird-watching opportunity.

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Surely now you would like to experience the Bwabwata National Park and delight in one or two of the activities with your family and friends.

Why else should you visit the Bwabwata National Park?If you have visited before, what are some things to look out for? Share with us in the comment section below

Author –  I’m Nela, from Windhoek Namibia but born in a small village called Omatunda in northern Namibia. I am passionate about writing, research and photography, as it helps me gain knowledge about people and my country.