New Years Eve is coming soon and the question, as it is each year, is where to spend the festive evening? In Namibia the big question is probably to stay in Windhoek or go to Swakopmund?

Let‘s start with Windhoek. As most Namibians will leave the city and go to the coast, where the climate is much more enjoyable compared to the heat in the central areas over December. Therefore Windhoek will be mostly empty and quiet. The most spots close their doors but hey, that can also have something positive if you are in need of some relaxed days and a much more laid back NYE.

Windhoek city - Image: Why Namibia

Windhoek city – Image: Why Namibia

If you want to have a quiet, special culinary NYE I absolutely recommend reserving a table. Because the restaurants and bars, which are open, will be fully booked. Spots to have a nice dinner could be…

Hotel Heinitzburg, it has a great view of Windhoek and a fancy atmosphere, the menu and wines are awesome but lean more toward the expensive side.

Hotel Thule, more or less the same thing can be expect, just a little bit more cosy due to the more intimate setting.

Joe’s Beerhouse is more likely the Pub and Restaurant location. Nice meals, good meat and cold drinks are awaiting you. The prices are good and the atmosphere will definitely be more festive than in the two hotels mentioned above.

Joe's Beerhouse

Joe’s Beerhouse

You have a nice place with a much nicer Braai? Braaiïng is the term in Southern Africa for a nice, tasty (and mostly consisting of meat) Grill or Barbecue. Supermarkets and butcheries are open. Get some wood, because coals are not well approved amongst Namibians for a Braai, and invite some friends. Cold drinks shouldn’t be missed.



Now we take a look on a typical Swakopmund NYE! Ready? Okay…

As most Namibians will hang around in Swakopmund during NYE and the festive days, you better check the availability of accommodations before you enter Swakopmund. Some camping places are maybe the last chance to avoid sleeping in the car in a supermarket‘s parking lot. If you are lucky to find accommodation for your stay over NYE in Swakopmund, here is what you could do.

Swakopmund - Image: Where to stay

Swakopmund – Image: Where to stay

A dinner at the seaside in one of the marvelous restaurants in Swakopmund. There are just too many to list them all, but here is list where you will find a guaranteed warm, welcoming NYE evening. Even here, book a table as soon as possible. Swakopmund Brauhaus, Secret Garden Bistro, Erich’s Restaurant and Wurstbude.

Swakopmund Brauhaus - Image: Tripadvisor

Swakopmund Brauhaus – Image: Tripadvisor

Swakopmund is definitely the place to be in Namibia, to have a great NYE Party . At the club Naps you will have the Monser Energy New Year’s Eve with Grimehouse Party. This will definitely be the hottest spot for young party seekers.

You have some friends in Swakopmund? There are definitely a lot of house parties going on at NYE. Maybe you will find your way to one of the house parties.

At the Beach you can relax and enjoy some drinks or a little snack, also there might be some fireworks to see in Henties Bay and on Langestrand.

Langstrand - Image: Walvis Bay Pristine Properties

Langstrand – Image: Walvis Bay Pristine Properties

You feel like it’s hard to decide which place to go to? Come back next year to beautiful Namibia to see both cities with their specific (Nam) flavour during the festive days.

If you have any other suggestions on where to spend New Year’s Eve, we invite you to share them in the comment section below.

Author – Marco Scholsen