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Where goodness grows

Avatar of inke inke - 02. novembre 2015 - Gondwana Collection

Kalahari Farmhouse & SSC - where goodness grows

Guests of our accommodation centres always marvel at the opulent and appetising buffets with their large selection of fresh salads, dairy and meat products. Our secret has a name: Gondwana Self-Sufficiency Centre (SSC). 

It is a farming operation which keeps chickens, pigs and cattle and also runs hothouses, a butchery and a smokehouse. The SSC is situated at the Kalahari Farmhouse on the outskirts of the village of Stampriet, east of Mariental in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. Now in summer the SSC is a Garden of Eden. 

The abundance of water makes Stampriet the perfect location for the SSC, which supplies Gondwana's accommodation establishments with fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as cold meats and meat. In summer own production covers about 70 percent of the demand. What is more, much-needed jobs are created.

The guests of the Kalahari Farmhouse show tremendous interest in Gondwana’s Self-Sufficiency Centre. They can hardly believe how fresh and healthy the vegetables look. Guided tours are conducted every day. 

“With the shade netting against the sun, we can plant iceberg lettuce and fancy lettuce throughout the year”, says SSC manager Breshnef Diergaardt. “We also have radish, spinach, celery, basil, parsley and many other herbs and vegetables. Even in winter we grow vegetables like the hardy beetroot and carrots.” 

The secret of the Stampriet oasis is hidden underground. Its name is aquifer. An aquifer is a natural layer of water-bearing rock. An artesian well bubbles on Gondwana's 34 ha property with the Kalahari Farmhouse and SSC as well. 

For the guest in the accommodation establishments of Gondwana Collection though, the most important aspect must be: everything appetisingly arranged on the buffet is mouth-wateringly fresh. Enjoy!

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