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The Delight Swakopmund charms its first guests

Avatar of inke inke - 03. novembre 2015 - Gondwana Collection

The Delight Swakopmund (Photo: Megan Dreyer)

The new hotel of the Gondwana group, The Delight Swakopmund received its first guests on 1 November. The very first ones arriving were Mr Freddy Frewer and his wife Carola from Windhoek. They are staying at The Delight for a week and are more than satisfied: "The ambience is fantastic, the breakfast 100 percent and the staff is very attentive," says Freddy Frewer. "We are enjoying our stay to the fullest." "And the colours", his wife adds. "They are so beautiful and bright."

The Delight Swakopmund - the name is a commitment. It implies that guests can expect a carefree, cheerful sojourn of sheer delight in the relaxed atmosphere. The Delight embodies the warmth of Gondwana as well as the uniqueness of Swakopmund. All this is captured in the design of this charming yet modern hotel. The rooms are spacious and bright. The dominant colours are the aqua of the Atlantic Ocean and the red and white of the lighthouse. Further sparks are provided by handcrafted artworks from southern Africa. 

The Delight Swakopmund is located in the historic centre of the coastal town at the corner of Ben Gurirab Avenue and Nathaniel Maxuilili Street. The sights, shops and the beach are within easy walking distance and strolls around town are in fact part of the characteristic Swakopmund experience. The charming hotel boasts 44 comfortable double rooms with contemporary furnishings and 10 generously proportioned loft rooms for families. Scrumptious breakfasts will be served but no dinner. The bar might become a popular hangout.

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