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Namibia’s President applauds Rain Dance Initiative

Avatar of inke inke - 08. mars 2016 - Gondwana Collection

Mauricio Smit receiving his prize from Andre le Roux (Bank Windhoek, left) and Bernd Grahl (Gondwana).

They joined in many shapes and places: Spiderman on a mission to make it rain in Windhoek, young women on the chilly North Sea coast in the Netherlands, farmers of the Maltahöhe Resettlement Community in front of their farmstead, or half of Swakopmund at the Mole beach... 31 rain dances were recorded for the #RainDanceNamibia Competition arranged by the Gondwana Collection, Bank Windhoek and EES. The dances can be viewed here. It has already registered more than 275,000 views. A phenomenal success!

The initiative even got noticed by Namibia’s President, His Excellency Dr Hage Geingob. In a letter dated 27 January, Dr Geingob expressed regret that, due to other engagements, he was unable to participate. But he congratulated the organisers of the #RainDanceNamibia Competition on raising awareness of the water crisis and thereby encouraging Namibians to save water.

Yes, you danced like crazy and really made an effort! You downloaded the Rainmaker song by EES, drummed up your friends, rehearsed the choreography, edited your video and posted it on Facebook. Thank you! And while you were busy with your rain dance it did in fact rain, albeit unfortunately not everywhere. The dams which supply Windhoek with water have had very little influx so far. The residents of the capital city therefore have to continue their efforts to save water. On the other hand, Naute Dam in the south of the country is full to the brim. The sluice-gates had to be opened and in January the lodges in Gondwana Canyon Park could at times only be reached by taking a detour.

Bank Windhoek
 contributed N$40,000 in cash prizes to the competition which ended on 31 January 2016. When the winners were chosen the Head of Corporate Communication and Social Investment of Bank Windhoek, Riaan van Rooyen, said: “A big thank you to each and everyone who participated in this event. Your participation made sure that the all important message to save water was distributed far and wide. Special thanks are due to EES. He let us use his Rainmaker song without cost and he got the competition started when he performed his rain dance at the dried up Avis Dam.”

Gondwana’s Managing Director, Mannfred Goldbeck, added: “When we awarded the cash prizes we didn’t necessarily put the artistic qualities first. It was very important to us that the video clips included a call on viewers to save water. Because that is really what this competition was about.”  

The winners of the #RainDanceNamibia Competition: 

Groups Category (N$20,000): The Village Café in Swakopmund 

Individuals Category (N$20,000): Spiderman (Mauricio Smit) in Windhoek


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