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EES and Simon Desue on #RoadTripNamibia

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With the Shaggon Waggon on #RoadTripNamibia: EES (Eric Sell) and Simon Desue (right).

Some YouTube channels will run hot later this month when well-known German comedian and web video producer Simon Desue is visiting Namibia at the invitation of EES (Eric Sell). Accompanied by a camera team they will travel around Namibia from 20 to 28 March and afford people all over the world an opportunity to see Namibia’s grand landscapes, its flora, fauna, its cultures and peoples through the artist duo’s eyes.

They will put short videos of their adventures – i.e. feeding lions, rhino tracking, making fire with San hunters or quad biking in the dunes – on their YouTube channels and in the social media. They expect to reach seven million fans on Facebook, 2.1 million on YouTube and 1.2 million on Instagram. In addition there will be two Livestream chat sessions. Find all of this at #RoadTripNamibia. A great way of advertising Namibia!

Since 2004 Namibian Kwaito star EES spends part of each year in Germany. With his music label NAM FLAVA he aims at promoting Namibia and modern Namibian music in Europe’s German-speaking countries.

“I am very grateful for Gondwana’s support and others who are sponsoring this road trip”, says EES. “The power of the social media makes it possible for us to advertise Namibia in a really cool way, our cultures and – as I always put it – the NAM FLAVA style.”

24-year-old Simon Desue has made a name for himself with his YouTube channels HalfcastGermany and HalfcastGermany2. With a combined total of more than two million subscribers and more than 250 million views these two channels are among the most popular in Germany.

Gondwana as the main sponsor will accompany the #RoadTripNamibia and provides accommodation for the two artists: at Etosha Safari Lodge when they visit Etosha National Park, in the new hotel The Delight Swakopmund during their adventures at the coast and at Namib Desert Lodge in the oldest desert on the planet.

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