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Waka Waka Solar Lights to be distributed in Namibia

Avatar of inke inke - 17. juin 2016 - Gondwana Collection

The Netherlands Minister of International Trade and Development, Honourable Lilianne Ploumen demonstrates the use of the solar lights at night.

The smallest light has always been able to break the darkest of nights, and the Dutch designed Waka Waka solar lights are going to make this even easier. On 14 June 2016, the Netherlands Minister of International Trade and Development, Honourable Lilianne Ploumen announced the introduction of the solar lights and chargers to the Namibian community. 

It is their hope that the Waka Waka lights will offer energy and light to off-grid communities and allow learners to study after dark. The Minister explained that, “We wish to make a meaningful contribution to the Namibian people’s prosperity, with something maybe as simple as having access to lighting and charging.” And she hopes that the use of these solar lights will contribute to the children in the communities’ learning and education.

This announcement introduced the pilot phase of the project, to test if the Waka Waka units are accepted, valued and used within the local communities. The solar lights are designed to use solar energy and after a day in the sun it can charge any phone or provide up to 150 hours of bright light! The project aims to make a difference in children’s lives by attempting to end energy poverty, and serves as an exciting opportunity to introduce new, useful technology into previously disadvantaged communities.

The launch of the Waka Waka lights took place at the Orange Babies Pappa Centre in Otjomuise where the Minister handed the Waka Waka units over to representatives of the organisations who are actively involved in supporting children. These organisations include the Orange Babies Namibia Foundation, the Hanasaneye Foundation and the Gondwana Memes & Tates.

The Gondwana Memes & Tates are excited to be involved in this project and served as mediators, bringing the Waka Waka lights to the JJ’s Care Centre and the Mwadinomo Preschool in Kuisebmond. The Memes & Tates, who maintain the Gondwana Collections social responsibility, have been supporting these facilities for some time. The JJ’s Care Centre in Walvis Bay aims to offer a safe and child orientated support system to children who suffer from mental or physical disabilities. Amongst other things, they want to make the centre’s yard more child-friendly and plant vegetable gardens to serve the facility’s day-to-day needs. Any support is appreciated and can be arranged with Dgini Visser (Gondwana Manager of Social and Staff Welfare).

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