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Help is coming

Avatar of inke inke - 29. août 2016 - Gondwana Collection

Help where help is needed. That is the motto associated with the ‘Gondwana Memes & Tates’, an initiative driven by dynamic Gondwana employees. Working with dedicated partner organisations they ensure that donations and assistance reaches the needy and that their actions have the desired effect on the community. 

An example of these actions would be the relief operation in Swakopmund, which has recently been launched after a fire that broke out in the DRC (Democratic Settlement Community) informal settlement. Many families lost their belongings and homes. A clothing donation made by the “Hilfe für Namibia Niedersachsen” was – through Eike Marschall – given to the organisation Lifeline/Childline, who distributed it to the DRC Woman’s Project in Swakopmund. This charity operates locally and coordinated the distribution of donations to the victims of the fire. The Delight Hotel from the Gondwana Collection also donated bedding and linen.

The DRC Women’s Project headed by Anja Rohwer aims to help women in the informal settlement learn to help themselves. The charity offers support and assistance in the production and marketing of handmade crafts, which are then sold at the Gondwana Canyon Roadhouse, amongst others. With the income earned from sales, they can care for their children. The charity supports various establishments including a preschool, a greenhouse and a soup kitchen. 

The Gondwana Memes & Tates also work with a soup kitchen in Windhoek, which is operated by MEGS Care Centre. MEGS is headed by Mrs Diergaardt and aims to help the older, lonely people from Khomasdal and Katutura to allow them access to a meal and care.  The Gondwana Self Sufficiency Centre in Stampriet contributes to MEGS’ cause by donating meat to the charity, to allow more people to be included in the programme in future. 

MEGS and the DRC Women’s Project appreciate any donations, be it food, clothing or blankets. The donations are handled and distributed by Dgini Visser ( on behalf of the Gondwana Memes and Tates.

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